Paeonia 'Claire Dubois'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

CLAIRE DUBOIS (Crousse, 1886) - Double - Rose Pink - Late. Moderately tall. Fragrance not pleasant. Very large, bright rose pink, with much blue, almost a mauve-pink, paling toward the tips of the petals whose serrated edges give the flower a crisp appearance; fairly floriferous. Stiff stems. Dark foliage. Has much the silvery appearance of Mons. Jules Elie, but the color is livelier and its texture less opaque. At its best, it is a heavy-built flower, closely incurved and compact, of fine globular form. Its keeping and shipping qualities are worthy of note. M.

Brian Porter (2004):

'Claire Dubois' (Crousse, 1886),*,B,1-3/ 80-100,90,spät,zartrosa, (rosa),C1,Breit, starkwüchsig; Blütenfarbe verblassend.

Rivière (1995):

'Claire Dubois' /Félix Crousse/1886

Kortmann (1998)

'Claire Dubois' (Crousse, Frankrijk, 1886) Bloemen satijnroze, bolvormig, gevuld, laat; bladeren groen, gaaf, hoogte 90 cm; bloemstengels stevig; vertakking goed. In verband met de stevige stengels en de goede vertakking is dit een waardevolle tuinpioen.


Claire Dubois Double silvery rose-pink flowers with incurved petals that form a handsome compact, slightly scented bloom on long arching stems. Deep green leaves, tinted with grey.

Claire Dubois (Croussc 1886), clear satiny rose-pink and silver. Fine incurved rose shape. Very large. Specially useful as a cut flower. Handsome dark foliage. fr.l.

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