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SPRIGHTLY (Guille) Shown by Mr. Guille among his other originations. Supplement to Bulletin 117, page 6 (in New YORK, June, 1950).

SPRING BEAUTY (Nicholls, 1933) - Double to Semi-Double - Pink - Very Early. Medium height. Large, double to semi-double with large cushions of golden stamens. Bright rose-pink. Strong stems, good substance. Side blooms large and give a long period of bloom.. Bulletin 55.

SPRING MAID (Origin unknown) - Single - Pink - Midseason.

SPRING SONG (Auten, 1955) - Semi-Double - White - Midseason. Tall. A large, flat semi-double, showing stamens, and with a few red splashes in center. On tall stiff stems. Auten's 1955 catalog.

SPRING SONG (Saunders, 1941) Name changed to ROSALBA. Single - Pink - Hybrid. Pale creamy salmon. List in Bulletin 129.

SPRITE (Saunders, 1950) - Single - Ivory White - Hybrid. Delicious apple-blossom flowers; ivory white, with palest rosy edges. Triple hybrid, albiflora crossed by a second generation tenuifolia x Mlokosewitschi hybrid. List in Bulletin 129, and Saunders 1955 catalog.

SPRITE (Scott, 1942) - Single - Light Pink - Early. Charming. List in Bulletin 91.

STANDARD BEARER (Hollis, 1906) - Double - Pink - Early. Dwarf. Agreeable fragrance, strong. Large. Dark old-rose, overlaid with a bluish sheen of opaque, glistening quality; strong, agreeable fragrance. Floriferous; stout stems. Good foliage. A dependable variety of the Mons. Jules Elie and Mme. Ducel type, similar to many of the opaque, violet pink varieties surpassing them in finish and stiff ness of stems. M.

STANLEY (Crousse, 1879) - Double - Old-Rose Pink. Midseason. Tall. Fragrance: None. Very large. Light old-rose pink, with silvery tips and dark flecks on central petals; free flowering, good stems and foliage. M.

STANLEY (Kelway, 1890) - Single - Crimson - Midseason.

STARBRIGHT (Kelsey, 1936) - Double - White. Flowers not large but charming. A very worthwhile variety. List in Bulletin 109.

STARLIGHT (Saunders, 1949) - Single - Ivory-White - Hybrid. Ivory-yellow, 5-6 inches wide, sometimes faintly flushed. Small creamy center. Fine. Quadruple hybrid: albiflora, officinalis, macrophylla and Mlokosewitschi. Saunders 1955 catalog-List in Bulletin 129

STAR OF BEAUTY (Neeley, 1930) - Double - Light or Creamy Pink - Midseason. Large. List in Bulletin 91.

STEPHANIE (Terry, 1891) - Double -Pink - Midseason. Tall. Very large. Gigantic outer petals with a jagged edge; pale pink, flushed with rose-pink, and shading to rosy white in the center of the flower, fading almost white with age; it develops a large, flat crown of giant petals, surrounding a wild-rose center of many long stamens and rudimentary carpels with crimson tips. Upright growth; free-blooming, good foliage. An enormous shaggy flower of great beauty, although lacking any claim to regularity or neat finish. M.

ST. GOAR (Goos & Koenemann, 1919) - Double - Pink - Midseason.

STILLMAN (Kelsey, 1937) - White. Cupped shaped white with white guards. Very neat yellow center of narrow petals. List in Bulletin 109.

STONEY EDWARDS (Kelway, 1929) - Double - Pink. Double rose flower with rose and pale cream center. Bulletin 38.

STRASSBURG (Goos & Koenemann, 1911) - Double - Pink - Midseason. Tall. Unpleasant odor. Very large. Giant outer petals forming a hollow-centered flower of fine form and great size; pale old-rose or lavender-pink, illumined by yellow stamens in the center of the flower and a pale yellow base to most of the petals; strong growth, fairly flori-ferous; strong stems. Foliage broad. An effective flower for shows. Quite coarse, both in makeup and in habit of growth. M.

STRAWBERRY ICE - Double - Pink - Late. Very large full round fine formed flower of strawberry ice color; very strong and profuse flowering. Chautauqua Flowerfield.

STYLE SHOW (Auten, 1945) First named BALENCIA. Single - Red -Hybrid. Tall. Dark red single with decided orange cast. Two rows of petals, good size with tall stems. Officinalis x albiflora. List in Bulletin 129. Auten's 1955 catalog.

SUI BIJIN (Japan) - Jap. - Peach. Enormous Jap, color peach, free bloomer, fine exhibition variety. Smirnow's 1955 catalog.

SULLY PRUDHOMME (Crousse, 1898) - Double - Pink - Midseason. Medium height. Faintly fragrant. Large. A broad, flat flower of light flesh-pink, paling toward the center, which is surrounded by a circle of red-edged petals; a fine fluffy flower of lacy texture. Erect, fairly floriferous. Fair foliage. A very elegant and delicate bloom of especially fine texture. The stems are not all strong enough to support the blooms, and the foliage is frequently bad. M.

SULPHUREA-.(Lemon, 1830) - Double - White, center sulphur - DISCARDED - Midseason.

SUMMER CLOUD - Double - White - Late Midseason. White, creamy center tinted pink. Wassenberg catalog 1954.

SUMMER DAY (Kelway, 1895-96) - Double - White, tinted blush - Midseason.

SUMMER GLORY (Franklin, 1946) - Double - Pink -Midseason. Medium height. Large medium pink, which silvers into an attractive and showy flower. Strong stems. A superb garden and landscape variety. Bulletin 107.

SUNBEAM (Hollis, 1906) - Jap. - Pink to Blush-White - Midseason. Medium height. Odor unpleasant. Medium size. Pale old-rose pink fading to bluish white, center canary-yellow fading to cream-white. Floriferous, good stems and foliage. A flattish loose flower of poor quality, not popular and undoubtedly much overrated. M. Attention! Besides this registered Lactiflora- cultivar 'SUNBEAM ' exists a Peregrina cultivar with the same name! CB 2001