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PHILIPPE RIVOIRE (Riviere, 1911) - Double - Red - Early. (Wild catalog says Late Mid.) Medium height. Richly rose scented. Small. Very dark crimson with a blackish sheen, fully double with a symmetrically incurved center; floriferous, wiry stems. Good foliage. M.

PHILOMELE (Calot, 1861) Syn. VADIUS. Anemone - Pink - Early. Average height. Fragrant. Medium size, guards dark old-rose, collar of narrow buff petals. Develops a wide spreading crown same color as guards. Very floriferous, strong stems. Good foliage. M.

PHOEBE CARY (Brand, 1907) - Double - Pink - Very Late. Tall. Moderately rose-scented. Large. Pale old-rose-pink, darkening toward the center; floriferous, stems strong but lax at base. Good light green foliage. M.

PHYLLIS KELWAY (Kelway, 1908) - Semi-Double - Pink - Midseason. Medium height. Faint fragrance. Very large. Rose-pink, paling to white in center, thin texture; hollow cupped form, at first showing many stamens, later developing a flat crown which covers the imperfect collar, floriferous, stiff stems, abundant foliage. M. Bulletin 38.

PICO (Freeborn, 1934) - Single - White - Midseason. 3' high. Fragrance neither pleasing nor displeasing. Large, pure white with cupped petals of firm texture. Full center of yellow stamens. Carpels, pale green, stigmas white. Plant strong. Light green foliage, stems strong, without stiff ness. Named for a mountain peak visible from the gardens. Bulletin 57.

PICOTEE (Saunders, 1949) - Single - White - Hybrid. Dwarf plant. The long milk-white petals are rounded and edged deep magenta-pink. Crimson stems. Charmingly dwarf plant. Easily grown, and sets seed. Corsica x macrophylla. List in Bulletin 129. Correction from Miss Saunders' letter, 1955.

PIE PLATE (Wright, 1935) - Single - White - Early Midseason to late mid. Tall. Very large pure white with two rows of broad perfectly formed petals, cupped at first, but spreading out as the flower ages to the shape and size of a pie plate. Center of bright yellow stamens with green carpels and bright red stigmas. Wiry stems which hold up the flowers well; vigorous healthy grower and young prolific bloomer in all kinds of weather. Bulletin 60.

PIERRE DEBATENE (Doriat, 1935) - Single - Dark Pink. Dark pink with purple nuance. List in Bulletin 91.

PIERRE DESSERT (Dessert-Mechin, 1890) - Semi-Double - Crimson - Early. Large, medium compact semi-double type. Dark crimson; one of the early reds. M. Wild 1950 catalog.

PIERRE DUCHARTRE (Crousse, 1895) - Double - Pink - Late. Medium height. Rose scented. Large. Old-rose-pink of opaque quality with a silvery sheen, floriferous, stems lax at base. Good foliage. M. Wild 1955 catalog.

PIERRE REIGNOUX (Dessert, 1908) - Double - Carmine-Rose - DISCARDED - Midseason.

PIERRE VERCOURT (Doriat, 1933) - White. Sulpured white with yellow collar white intermingled. List in Bulletin 91.

PING WING - Jap. - Pink. Medium height. Wassenberg 1954 catalog.

PINK ANGEL (Christenson, 1948) - Single - Pink - Very Early - Hybrid. Tall. Pale pink with crepe textured guard petals. Large center of stamens wine red at base and for half their length upward. Leaves large and stamens strong. Blooms at same time as Golden Glow. Wittmanniana tomentosa x F2 hybrid. (Parentage of F2 hybrid not given.) Bulletin 108 - List 129.

PINK BARONESS SCHROEDER - Double - Pink. The true name of this variety is now known. It was given by an American grower to a lot of peonies which he imported, and should not be attributed to Kelway, who never put out such an introduction. The name should not appear in catalogs or price lists. 1930 Wild catalog: Sent out by Kelway in some cases as Baroness Schroeder. Exceptionally large fine flowers, flat in form, of deep shell-pink with delicate ponts. Extra good both as cut flower and for garden effects. M.

PINK BEAUTY (Risk, 1929) - Double - Pink - Midseason. Tall. Fragrant. Large. Bright pink on very erect stems. Good foliage and stems and free bloomer. Bulletin 39.

PINK BEAUTY (Sass, 1937) - Double - Pink - Late Midseason. Tall. An enormous flower, somewhat flattened but full to the center. Similar in color to Hans P. Sass, but deeper pink. Strong stems. Free bloomer. Bulletin 69.

PINK BONNET (Kelsey, 1935) - Single - Light Pink - Early. Clear light pink. One of the first to bloom of the sinensis varieties. Petals are mostely cupped and shaped like a tulip. List in Bulletin 109.

PINK CAMEO (Bigger, 1954) - Double - White shaded pink - Late midseason. About 30" high. A formal, neat globular bloom of medium size, the beauty of this variety is in its delicate pink shading on a white background, blending perfectly. Its leather-like substance gives fine lasting quality. Healthy, glossy, medium green foliage. Bulletin 133.

PINK CHARM (Kelsey, 1936) - Double - Pink - Early. Fragrant. Soft flesh pink. Broad outer petals around shorter twisted and overlapping petals. List in Bulletin 109.

PINK DELIGHT - Jap. - Pink. Pure pink with a salmon flush, two rows of beautiful rounded petals, golden center. Chautauqua Flowerfield.

PINK DELIGHT (Origin unknown) - Single - Pink – Midseason.

PINK DOMINO (Kelway) - Single - Flesh – Midseason.

PINK LEMONADE (Klehm, 1951) - Double - Pink and Yellow - Midseason. Tall. Globular flower with shell pink guard petals and yellow and pink center. Exquisite color combination. Medium sized flower. Bulletin 122.