(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 5









BOUQUET PERFECT (R. W. Tischler, Faribault, Minnesota), June 17, 1987. Parentage unknown. Small, bright pink, solid color, anemone type blooms. 4 to 5 inches in size. Red tipped stamens. Strong stems and straight. Excellent foliage, 24 inches tall. Slightly fragrant. Wonderful arrangement flower. Blooms mid-season. Bulletin #264.

BROTHER CHUCK (Roy G. Klehm), Klehm Nursery, June, 1995. Seedling #K. Pink, double lactiflora. Good substance, light soft pink to every petal. Greenish carpels. Strong, smooth guards, 6 ½" blooms. 0-3 side buds, pollen. Fragrant. A 'Double' Show Flower. Good stem strength, 26-28" height. Blooms mid-season, foliage good. Bulletin #295.

BURMA JOY (Krekler-Roy Klehm), June, 1994. Seedling #K46-341. Single hybrid. Bloomed in 1984. Clear red blossoms, single, tulip-cupped shaped flower similar to Burma Ruby style. Excellent garden height plant. 28" with good stem strength. Early, good substance with excellent amount of bloom, stamens, pollen and fragrant. Wide clean, green foliage. Bulletin #291.

BURNING BRIGHT (Goldsmith), registered by Caprice Farm Nursery, Dec. 26, 1986. Seedling #179, hybrid single, fluorescent pink-red, reliable 34", early midseason.  Parentage—obtained by Roy Leighton, Seattle, Washington from Prof. Saunders, in a non-blooming block of seedlings in 1940. Later, all peonies and seedlings were sold to Goldsmith in 1952. Peggy Goldsmith gave this outstanding lobata seedling #179. It first bloomed in 1953. Rogers of Caprice Farm Nursery bought it from Goldsmith in 1978. Bulletin #261.

CALVIN BIGGER (Myron D. Bigger), Topeka, Kansas, July 14, 1995. Seedling 2-84, parentage unknown. Pure white fragrant flower, with extra long petals. The flower is about eight inches across. Red spots are on some of the petals. The stems are about 30 inches, strong, with very good foliage. Bulletin #295.

CAMERON (Galen Burrell, Ridgefield, Washington), Oct. 18, 1995. Tree peony, parentage unknown. First bloomed 1991. White with flowers flat, 6-7 in. bloom. Stamens, pollen, seeds. It has short stems, holding the flower upright. Grows to 3-4 feet. Buds are pink and opens to white flowers with yellow stamens. Dark red to purple carpels. Extremely floriferous. At a very young age, the first year it bloomed it had 10 flowers. Nice green foliage which turns red in the Fall. Bulletin #296.

CANDY STRIPE (Roger F. Anderson, Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin), July 2, 1992. Seedling #L878. Parentage Minnie Shaylor x Red single seedling. First bloomed 1981. Bi-color red and white double lactiflora. Long, fair amount of stem strength. Flower might need support, 30-36 inches in height. Stamens, pollen and seeds. Mild fragrance, mid-to-late bloomer. Might make a good cut flower rather than a garden plant. Bulletin #283. Sept., 1992.

CARNATION BOUQUET (Bill Seidl), Manitowoc, Wisconsin, July 9, 1996. Seedling #DPSW-1.  Parentage, Blushing Princess x Sparkling Windflower. First bloomed about 1985. Pink hybrid, good substance, reliable, one bud per stem, seeds. This pink double flower has petals tending to be of uniform size, giving the flower a carnation-like appearance. Clove scent, but warm humid conditions are needed to release it. Small, 4-5" flowers are in scale with thin stems that bend but still provide adequate support. Vigorous, new division establishes quickly, producing 30+ stems per clump. Eventually measuring 30" high x 48" wide.