Paeonia 'Bing Shan Xue Lian'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [rockii-hybrid] - [Gansu mudan]



NTSC (rockii-hybr.)

'He Ping Lian ' translation:Peace Lotus Single, , shaped, off white color with dense fragrance, the dark maroon flares at the base of each petal which look like another circle of petals, with the yellow stamens in the center, this combination makes this flower an unusual beauty; plant height to 7 feet.

chinese name:

To be called ”Bin Shan Xue Lian” in Chinese, with characteristics of white bloom, the initial peony resembling the chrysanthemum, 17cm×9cm corolla , the neat petals ,with high quality ,have slight dentiform cleft on it. The petal base has larger and dark speckles on it, the inner petals having twisted top are small and erective resembling a Xue Lian and with smaller purple speckles on the base. The stamens within petals and heart of the peony are full-grown with larger and golden anther, the filaments of it enjoy white color and red demitint upside and red color lower side .The five pistils are green with milk white floral disc occupying the 3/4 space of that of the ovary. The plant grows half patulously and vigorously, the yearling peony has new green branches with red demitint ,15 olivary lobules and brown and concave leafstalk with it, the medium wide leaves of it are green and thick with great many sprouts. It grows prosperously with aromatic flavor, and medium blooming date.

Li Jiajue 2005, Chinese Tree Peony, Xibei, Xinan, Jiangnan Volume

'Bingshan Xuelian' Single form, white. Selected and cultivated by Chen D.Z., and it is also called ' Heping Lian'. [detailed description available on page 65] [picture on page: 65]

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