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Li Jiajue (Ed.) 2005, Zhongguo Mudan PinZhong Tuzhi  [Xibei, Xinan,  Jiangnan]  Jingwen ban,  (Chinese Tree Peony Cultivar Groups [Northwest, Southwest, Southern Yangtse] (English Edition)  China Forestry Publishing House, 2005. ISBN 7503840404, see (link)  
Foreword Preface 
Chapter 1 Germplasm Resources 
1.1 The Origin and Evolution of Wild Species 
1.2 The Status of Wild Germplasm Resources and Their Protection 
1.3 Research and Use of Wild Germplasm Resources 
Chapter 2 The Origin of Cultivars 
2.1 The Origin of Cultivars and the Cultivated Variety Group 
2.2 The Development of Horticultural Varieties of Tree Peony in Each Dynasty 
2.3 The Study and Use of Cultivar Resources 
Chapter 3  The Evolution of Cultivars 
3.1 The Evolution of Flower Color and Blotch 
3.2 The Evolution of Floral Organs 
3.3 The Formation and Evolution of the Proliferation Flower 
3.4 The Discussion of the Evolutional Rule of the Flower Form 
Chapter 4 Cultivar Classification 
4.1 Advances of Research in Cultivar Classification 
4.2 Classification System of Chinese Tree Peony Cultivars 
Chapter 5 Cultivar Improvement and Industrial Development 
5.1 Chinese Tree Peony's Brief Breeding History and Its Development Trend ... 
5.2 The Cultivar Improvement, Industrialization and Development 
Chapter 6 Xibei Cultivar Group 
6.1 General 
6.2 Cultivation Technique 
6.3 Major Cultivars of Xibei Cultivar Group 
Chapter 7 Xinan Cultivar Group 
7.1 General 
7.2 Cultivation Technique 
7.3 Major Cultivars of Xinan Cultivar Group 
Chapter 8 Jiangnan Cultivar Group 
8.1 General Statements 
8.2 Cultivation Technique 
8.3 Major Cultivars of Jiangnan Cultivar Group 
Chapter 9 Other Tree Peony Cultivar Groups 
9.1 Yah'an Tree Peonies 
9.2 Exi Tree Peonies 
9.3 Cold Area Tree Peony 
References Index of Cultivars Names „
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