Paeonia 'Paula Fay'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]

(Fay 1968) F2-Hybride von 'Bravura' (P.lactiflora x P.peregrina'Otto Froebel') APS Gold Medal 1988



PAULA FAY (Orville W. Fay 1968) (61-5) Second generation species hybrid peony. Early 35" height. Five rows of petals. Seedling of Bravura, somewhat fertile to certain pollens. Peony named for his Brother's wife. Bulletin #190 September 1968. Winter hardy.

'Paula Fay' (Fay, 1968),Li,B,1-3/ 70-90,80,früh,karmin- rosa/ tief rosa ,A2,Halbgefüllt; leuchtende Farbe.

Kortmann (1998)

'Paula Fay' (Fay, U.S.A., 1968) (P. lactiflora x P. officinalis) Bloemen helderroze, halfgevuld (vijf rijen tepalen) vroeg; bladeren donkergroen, gaaf, hoogte 90 cm; bloemstengels zeer stevig; vertakking redelijk tot goed. Voor lichtere grond is deze F2 hybride minder geschikt, voor zware grond des te meer! Voor Botryris is deze mooie cultivar vrijwel ongevoelig.

Paula Fay (Fay 1968) M.  Semi-double; rich, medium pink, floriferous, may be fluorescent pink or bright light red in cooler climates.  Medium height, upright stems, flowers are close to the foliage; durable leaflets make this a fine addition to the sunny border.  Seedling of Bravura, therefore an advanced-generation hybrid; useable  fertility, with Moonrise produced Salmon Dream, Royal Rose and similarly pastel colors, presumed tetraploid.  Gold Medal 1988. 

'Paula Fay' (USA Fay 1968). Halbgefüllt, karminrosa, von großer Leuchtkraft.

PAULA FAY (E)(Fay) A shocking pink semi-double that lights up the garden early in the season; plant grows to 35 inches tall


PAULA FAY (Fay, 1968) Hybrid, second generation semi-double, medium early. Large, gorgeous blooms with five rows of wavy petals, hot pink in color. Excellent plant habit, with heavy stems and luxuriant foliage. One of the most popular hybrid varieties

Nicholls (1999):

PAULA FAY (Fay 68) Hybrid. This deep luminous fuchsia pink semi-double makes a beautiful display in the garden. The dark green foliage has excellent plant habits. GM 88 Early.

PAULA FAY (Orville W. Fay, 1968). (Hybride F2). (Semi-double). Fleur rosé mauve brillant composée de 5 rangées de pétales : tiges très droites et feuillage vert foncé. H. 0,85 m.

PAULA FAY A deep bright pink of waxy texture. Excellent plant habit. Strong stems and good foliage. One of the newer shocking pinks. Another one of the pinks that gives a real "lift" to the garden. Pink Semi double, Early, 80cm. Pink, Semi double, Early, No staking. 80cm. Deep bright pink of waxy texture. Excellent plant habit.

Paula Fay Single vivid pink flowers with crinkled petals that open into a deep tulip-like cup. In the centre is a small boss of golden stamens. Thick stems and light green leaves. Fragrant. Early.

PAULA FAY:Glowing pink hybrid with five rows of petals blooms early on 35" stems.

Paula Fay (Fay, 1968) Shocking pink, semi-double, early, 35" tall, hybrid. A lustrous pink semi-double that lights up the garden and your spirits early in the season! APS Gold Medal, 1988.

'Paula Fay' (Fay 1968) : flr. semi-double rosé bonbon pétant, cœur jaune, 80cm, précoce

Paula Fay' halbgefüllt / leuchtend karminrosa / strenger Duft. /


Flower type: Peony—Semi-double

Size: 35"

Plant zone(s): 2-8

Bloom time: Early, Hybrid

Hybridizer: Orville Fay

Deep shocking pink semi-double with waxy textured, softly glowing blooms. Excellent plant habit and dark green foliage.

Semi-double. Medium size. Early. Bred in U.S.A.

(+1) Nice peony with semi-double flowers hold closed to the foliage by extremely strong stems. No support is needed. Each flower has 5 rows of petals of a vivid rose opening on a center of golden stamens. Very pretty contrast! Second generation hybrid (F2) where the great fertility has led to the creation of many marvelous new peonies on the market including Salmon Dream, Royal Rose and the extraordinary Lemon Chiffon. Gold medal winner from the American Peony Society in 1988. Blooms early in the mid-saison. Tall plant of 90 cm.

(+1) Jolie pivoine aux fleurs semi-doubles qui sont portées près du feuillage par des tiges très fermes. Chaque fleur porte 5 rangs de pétales d’un rose vif s’ouvrant sur un cœur d’étamines dorées. Aucun tuteur requis. Hybride de deuxième génération (F2) dont la grande fertilité a permis la naissance de plusieurs superbes nouvelles pivoines sur le marché dont Salmon Dream, Royal Rose et même Lemon Chiffon. Gagnante de la médaille d’or de l’American Peony Society en 1988. Floraison en début de mi-saison. Plant assez haut de 90 cm.


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