Paeonia 'Little Red Gem'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]

LITTLE RED GEM (David Reath, Vulcan, Michigan), March 1988. Hybrid, first bloomed 1980. Seedling #G-9. Parentage Gwenda F2 x self. A new rock garden peony, a single light red; blooms very early with tenuifolia season. 12-18" in height, fine cut foliage, dwarf, mound type, blooms above dwarf plants. Slender strong stems. Bulletin #266.

The foliage, the arrangement and form of flower, the number of the flowers per stem and the root anatomy resembles to Paeonia veitchii (Paeonia anomala subsp. veitchii). Also the flowering time, which is 2 weeks later than Paeonia tenuifolia. I doubt the parentage from Paeonia tenuifolia.

peonies & seeds

peonies & seeds

peonies & seeds

Rock Garden Peonies:


Flower type: Peony—Single

Size: 20"

Plant zone(s): 2-8

Bloom time: Early

Hybridizer: David L. Reath

Delicate bright red single blooms on nicely rounded plant with filigree, cut leaf foliage.

(-20) Spring beauty, as fast as Early Bird and Tenuifolia. A distinctive hybrid from the Reath family. Distinct either by its earliness to bloom than by its wonderful finely cut foliage coming from its tenuifolia origins. Foliage is less divided than Early Bird. In fact, it gives the impression of a feathery ball of green foliage over which appears little red simple flowers. Strong stems and foliage. Little plant of 40 cm. For the rock garden or in front position of our garden. A real pleasure to see this peony emerging in the early spring! 

(-20) Beauté printanière. Un hybride très original de la famille Reath. Original par sa précocité à fleurir au printemps et de par son magnifique feuillage si finement découpé rappelant ses origines de tenuifolia. Feuillage un peu moins découpé qu’Early Bird et plus allongé. Elle forme une petite boule plumeuse d’où jaillisse de petites fleurs simples, très délicates, d’une rouge vif. Tiges fortes ne nécessitant pas de support. Petite pivoine de 40 cm. Pour les jardins de rocaille ou en avant-plan des plates-bandes. Quel plaisir de la voir émerger au printemps. 

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