(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 16









LITTLE RED GEM (David Reath, Vulcan, Michigan), March 1988. Hybrid, first bloomed 1980. Seedling #G-9. Parentage Gwenda F2 x self. A new rock garden peony, a single light red; blooms very early with tenuifolia season. 12-18" in height, fine cut foliage, dwarf, mound type, blooms above dwarf plants. Slender strong stems. Bulletin #266.

LOIS' CHOICE (Chris Laning), Sept., 1993. #102. Parentage: Quad F3 x Silver Dawn F3. First bloomed May, 1977. This is a first class plant with a flower of two colors divided into three sections, a pink one-third, then a yellow one-third, and the final third pink. The pink is a warm pink and the yellow is a bright yellow; should be described as unique. This is a tetraploid that is fertile as a pod and pollen parent. Bulletin #287. Sept., 1993.

LORELEI (Don Hollingsworth, Maryville, Missouri), June 30,1996. Seedling #995. Parentage Harold Wolfe Lacti seeder x Good Cheer. First bloomed about 1980. Herbaceous hybrid, deep orange pink, color passes to apricot-orange (RHS 24-D). Medium-sized bomb, sweet spicy fragrance, good substance, most reliable. Excellent stem strength, 26" in height, mid-season bloom. Medium green, conspicuously veined foliage (RHS 146A). One bud per stem. Certificate of Merit 1991.

LOVEBIRDS (labeled 'Lovebirds' in Goldsmith collection). Seedling number unknown. Hybrid herbaceous, single, parentage unknown, also the first year bloomed. This pale blush pink has large blooms 5.75 70 6" with petals 2.5" wide. Unique intertwining of carpels, like lovebirds at play. Seeds often produce pink singles. Reliable 30" strong stems. Early bloom, very hardy, heavy branching. Introduced by Smetana, A & D Nursery, July 25, 1994. Colored slide filed.

LOVELY ANDREA (Maurice Menard, Laval Quebec, Canada), July 7, 1996. Parentage unknown, Japanese, blushed white with perfect puff of yellow delicately fringed petaloids. 41/2 to 51/2 blooms. Color turns white on the plant. The color stays fast as cut-flower, and are long lasting. No fragrance. Side buds floriferous. Named in honor of my wife, Andrea Audette.

LUXURIANT (Roger F. Anderson), Rt. 4, Box 276 B., Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin 53538, 1986. Itoh hybrid, semi-double. Seedling #A81-13. First bloomed 1985. Parentage, white lactiflora dbl. x Reath hybrid tree. White with lavender cast and lavender flares. This Itoh hybrid has a flat form, stamens and pollen, that is somewhat fertile. It has produced seedlings. Long stems for an Itoh, which are strong and holds the flowers well above the plant, of dark green foliage. Average amount of bloom, blooming at mid-season, reliable. Bulletin #259.

MACHANIC GRAND (David L. Reath, Vulcan, Michigan), Jan. 28, 1992. Seedling #81-16; first year bloomed 1981. Parentage, Reath F-3 (Burma Ruby x Moonrose) x Reath E-78. Ruffled brilliant orange red hybrid with three or four rows of guard petals, all ruffled. Very fertile as a pod and pollen parent. Fragrant. Pictured in the APS American Peony Hybrid book. Bulletin #282. June, 1992.

MAGENTA GEM (Roy G. Klehm), Klehm Nursery, June, 1995. Seedling #KR38-19. Magenta, single lactiflora. Good substance, 51/2"-6" wide bloom. 0-4 side buds, slight fragrance. Good uniform plant carriage. Foliage average. Red tipped pistils, double row guards, nice magenta color, short 22-24" in height, good stem strength, blooms mid-season, pollen. Bulletin #295.