Paeonia 'Kay Tischler'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] - [lactiflora]



KAY TISCHLER (Brand Peony Farm 1964, R. W. Tischler) Parentage unknown. Bright pink Jap. 7-8" in size. Staminodes broad bright pink-tipped yellow. H.M. 1964 A.P.S. show. Bulletin #176.

Kay Tischler

KAY TISCHLER (Brand Peony Farms 1964) Bright pink Japanese type. Large well formed flowers of 7 to 8 inches sise. Plants 36 to 38 inches tall. Bright green carpels—staminodes are broad, bright pink in color and tipped a golden yellow. Some blooms show tufts of pink. Plants are strong with foliage a bright green in color. A very showy Japanese variety.

This picture is from Joe Shroer. For large resolution pictures of this cultivar look in the 'Gallery' of the Heartland Peony Society's Website www.peonies.org

ricecreekgardens: KAY TISCHLER:Large, bright pink Japanese with a bright pink center tipped in yellow. Many 8" blooms make this an excellent garden and cut flower.

(J P M) A very large (7-8") bright pink Japanese flower. The staminodes are bright yellow and tipped with pink. Excellent as a garden plant and as a cut flower. because of its color and size, this is one the most striking Japanese flowers.

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