type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [rockii-hybrid] - [Gansu mudan]

chinese name:


Violet Butterfly Facing Wind , Purple-Coloured Butterfly Hovering in the Wind


Farfalla color porpora che si libra nel vento

Osti (1997)


ZI DIE YING FEN, «Farfalla color porpora che si libra nel vento». Peonia del Gansu, varietà di P. rockii. Fiore porpora semidoppio, con grande fiammatura, praticamente nera alla base dei petali. Fioritura tardiva.

ZI DIE YING PEN "Purple-Coloured Butterfly Hovering in the Wind" This is a Paeonia rockii cultivar from Gansu. Flowers: purplish red with large almost black flame - shaped blotches arising from the base of the petals; semi - double late flowering.

Golden Port (2000):

Maroon red, single shaped with a dense fragrance, the petals are large silky, darker at base, when the wind blows the large petals are like movements of butterfly wings; plant height to 7 feet. a very attractive cultivar.

McLewin & Chen (2006) Peony rockii and Gansu Mudan

Zi Die Ying Feng breeder, date: Chen Dezhong between 1986 and 1992 engl. translation: Purple Butterfly Facing the Wind color & form classification categories , remarks: 7.1.09, Early flowering, Vigorous not online: 216

Cheng Fangyun: 'Chinese Flare Mudan' (Beijing 2005)

'Zi Die Ying Feng' description (in chinese) & picture available on page 135.

Li Jiajue 2005, Chinese Tree Peony, Xibei, Xinan, Jiangnan Volume

'Zidie Yingfeng' Single form, purple. Selected, cultivated and named by Chen D.Z., internationally registered by Cheng Fangyun. [detailed description available on page 78] [picture on page: 79]

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