01733 Paeonia 'Sweet May'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]

SWEET MAY (Saunders, - Hybrid. Quadruple hybrid: albiflora, officinalis, macrophylla, Mlokosewitschi. 1955 letter from Miss Saunders says to be introduced.

Sweet May (dwarf),( QUADRUPLE HYBRIDS A "Mloko-macro" hybrid was crossed onto officinalis, and the resulting triple hybrid was in turn crossed onto an albiflora. Mloko gives them their golden ivory sheen, and many are brillantly flared. Introduced from 1949 on, their blooming season covers VE, E, and often on into M, Very few seeds are set.)

Sweet May (Saunders, 1955) Pink, single, very early, 30" tall, hybrid. A charming flower with a lovely blend of salmon-pink and ivory. Another early bloomer to brighten the garden!

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