How can I put my pictures into this website? How can I cooperate?

This website gives every user a free service. The more pictures and descriptions we have, the better it is for others too. Every help is welcome, which is for free. This is the way the website has grown since 1999 and this is the way so many pictures have come together.

How can you help? Send me a message using the feedback form [feedback], I'll contact you as soon as possible. Than you get an email address where you can send pictures. If you have a website, give me the permission to select from your pictures. A link back to you is my thankyou.

Preferred sizes: 400 x 400 pixel, 800 x 800 pixel or 800 broad, any hight, 400 broad, any hight.

Or burn your pictures on a CD and send them to my office:

Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Burkhardt

Thiemstr. 112

03050 Cottbus

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