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Paeonia-Literatur 1940-1949


Chugai Nursery, Descriptive Catalogue of seeds, plants and Bulbs, 1940-1941. Seeds of Forest and Ornamental Tree and Shrubs, Lilies and Flower-Seeds, Tree and Herbaceous Peonies, Maples, Wisterias, Japanese Irises, Lily Bulbs, Fern Balls & Designs, Bamboo Stakes, Dried leaves etc. Offered by The Chugai Nersery Co., Seed Merchants and Nurserymen, Yamamoto, Kawabegun, nr. Kobe, Japan, Registered Cable Address: CHUGAISEED KOBE, Tel. Yamamoto No. 4.

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Hayashi, Kozo (1943) Anthocyanins X. The pigments of the blossoms of Paeonia suffruticosa Acta Phytochim. (Japan) (1943), 13(No. 2), 85-92. German. [Abstract: cf. preceding abstract The blossoms of the scarlet varieties Hinode and Shine-Kagura of Japanese peony contain pelargonin, the more violet-hued variety Hana-daigin has peonin. These were extracted from the fresh blossoms wit 1% MeOH-HCl and precipitated as the pelargonin chloride and peonin chloride by addition of Et2O. Pelargonin chloride retained 3.5 mols. of H2O of crystallization after months of air drying and was split by boiling with 20% HCl into on mol. of pelargonidine chloride and two mols. of glucose. Peonin chloride (C.A. 34, 2376.8) analyzed as C28H33O16Cl.5H2O, air dry. Its partition coeffs. between iso-AmOH and 0.5% HCl were 1.6 and 1.5. Hydrolysis with HCl yielded 1 mol. peonidin chloride to 2 mols. glucose.]

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Paeonia-Literatur 1940-1949