01958 Paeonia 'May Music'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]

MAY MUSIC (A. P. Saunders) (16209) Hybrid, Apricot buff with crimson flares. Single. Parentage: Quadruple hybrid. 36" height, early, deep green foliage, not especially fertile as pod and pollen parent. Excellent substance. Registered by David Reath, June 30, 1973. Bulletin #208 December 1973.

No.16209 - A quadruple hybrid, now listed by David Reath as MAY MUSIC. HYBRIDS UNDER NUMBER WITH KEY NC, LISTED BY MISS SILVIA SAUNDERS

16209 (brilliant, late) ( QUADRUPLE HYBRIDS A "Mloko-macro" hybrid was crossed onto officinalis, and the resulting triple hybrid was in turn crossed onto an albiflora. Mloko gives them their golden ivory sheen, and many are brillantly flared. Introduced from 1949 on, their blooming season covers VE, E, and often on into M, Very few seeds are set.)

No. 16209 (NC) - A quadruple hybrid, now listed by David Reath as MAY MUSIC.

MAY MUSIC (1973) (NC) - (#16209), apricot buff, crimson flares.

May Music(NC) -16209. A quadruple hybrid. Apricot buff crimson flares. (Listed Reath catalog 1973).

May Music (Saunders/D. Reath 1973) E, Single; strongly cupped petals open with tulip-like proportions; dramatic color pattern, petals apricot-buff, heavily washed, veined and flared in a dusky wine hue. Erect stems, medium height, tall among the Saunders Quad Hybrids.  Triploid but has useable fertility. 

photo taken in the Klose Nursrey - photographiert in der Staudengärtnerei Klose, Lohfelden 2000

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