01391 Paeonia 'M. Charles Levêque' Syn. Mons. Charles Leveque, Mlle. Léonie, Mlle. Léonie Calot

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

MLLE LEONIE CALOT (Calot, 1861) - Syn. MONS. CHARLES LEVEQUE. Double - Flesh Pink - Late Midseason. Medium height. Fresh, sweet fragrance. Small to medium size. Light flesh pink, darkening somewhat in the center, fully double. Ruffled and crinkled. Very floriferous; drooping stems. Good foliage. An excellent cut flower, but not very decor-ative in garden because of its weak stems. Especially noteworthy for its strong, delicious fragrance. Sometimes has tight buds that do not open. 'M.

Rivière (1995):

'Mlle Léonie Calot' /Calot/1861


syn. Mlle Lionie Calot. Broad deep salmon pink blooms. The petals are ruffled and crinkled at the edges. Good for cutting. Midseason.

Madlle Leonie Calot. [Paeonia albiflora Gefüllt blühende Sorten] Weiß m. lila Hauch

Mlle. Leoni Callot, [Paeonia sinensis Gefülltblühende Sorten:] zartrosafleischfarben, spätblühend


Mlle. Leonie Calot - pink, medium size, fragrant, stems weak, but looks wonderful in vase.

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