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Paeonia-Literatur C

Chugai Nursery, Descriptive Catalogue of seeds, plants and Bulbs, 1940-1941. Seeds of Forest and Ornamental Tree and Shrubs, Lilies and Flower-Seeds, Tree and Herbaceous Peonies, Maples, Wisterias, Japanese Irises, Lily Bulbs, Fern Balls & Designs, Bamboo Stakes, Dried leaves etc. Offered by The Chugai Nersery Co., Seed Merchants and Nurserymen, Yamamoto, Kawabegun, nr. Kobe, Japan, Registered Cable Address: CHUGAISEED KOBE, Tel. Yamamoto No. 4.

Paeonia albiflora


All the following Herbaceous peonies are of the true Japanese type semi-double incurved petals forming regular cup-shape, showing a bunch of yellow stamens. Any of them is worthy for your appreciation.

Akatsuki-no-kumo, Peach pink, round petals of ship-shape, cup-shaped flower of giant size

Asahi-minato. Lustrous scarlet crimson, large flower

Asahi-no-sora, Deep crimson. ship-shaped petals, variegated stamens. very large flower

Asama, Deep crimson, single incurved petals. giant size. the best of the crimson, newest varieties

Chiyo-kagura, Deep pink, long incurved petals, model-typed flower of large size

Dai-kagura, Snow white, long petaled single large flower

Dai-kwan, Brilliant crimson, strong metal-like petals, large sized flower, newest varieties

Gyoko, Lilac tinged white, thick petals, large, new vars.

Hakkakuden, Lilac white at first, but snow white later, long ship-shaped petals, single large flower

Hakuteijo, Snowy white, long ship-shaped incurved petals, large sized flower,

Hampo-no-ko, Blackish crimson, single petaled large flower

Hana-no-yadori, Light pink shading to the bottom, cupshaped giant sized flower, undescribable beauty

Hatsu-zakura, Pink, long petals, large flower

Hi-odoshi, Brilliant deep crimson, thick round petals, very large flower

Homeiden, Vivid deep-crimson, large incurved petals large sized flower. newest varieties.

How-sow, Deep crimson, single very large flower

Ikuyo-no-homare, Deep pink, cup-shaped large flower

Iwao-no-yuki, Pure white, long petales of ship-shape, very large

Iwato-kagami, Light crimson, round petals, bowl-shaped large and vivid flower

Kachozan, Pink, narrow petals, single large flower

Kaibow, Light pink shading to the bottom, broad and round petals, very large flower

Kansenden, Deep crimson, single ship-shaped petals, one of the representative, large flower, newest varieties

Kei-un, Deep crimson, long ship-shaped incurved petals, very large flower of attractive beauty

Kogo-no-mai, Light pink, round thick petals, medium size

Koku-un, Lustrous crimson, cup-shaped large flower

Koshi-no-hakusan, Snow white, long petaled single giant

Kotobuki, Lustrous deep crimson, bowl-shaped large flower

Kozan-no-tsuki, Snow white, long petals single large flower of representative type

Kwan-jo-raku, Pink, long incurved petals, single large flower of attractive beauty

Mai-no-kogai, Blackish crimson, single ship-shaped large petals, very fine and large flower

Mai-no-sode, Deep cherry pink, shading to the tip, bowl shaped flower of large size.































Paeonia moutan

tree peony

The Peonies we offer are all grafted on herbaceous peonies, two years old strong plants. The time of shipment is best from the beginning of September to November, and from end of September to the beginning of October for Winter-flowering varieties. Your ordere should arrive at least one month before the time of ahipment.

newest varieties

p. 13

New & Rare Varieties

Tree Peony, Choice Varieties

Tree Peony, Selected Varieties

Tree peonies, miscellaneous varieties

Winter-Flowering Peonies (Everblooming Peonies)

Winter flowering peonies have their beautiful flowers from the beginning of November till January and again they flower in spring together with ordinary spring flowering peonies, hence the name of ever-blooming peonies. Their flowers are as large and beautiful as spring flowering varieties. There is very rare exception of not flowering in winter. however, but in whitch case it will flower in next winter, Those plant we offer are grafted on haerbaceous peonies 2 to 3 years old. We expect to recieve the order by the first of Sptember, Shipment to be made by the beginning of October.

Tree-peony Flower Book. . ,

Color printed, 2 on each page, 50 vars, 10 x 15 in, $1.80 post paid. .