Paeonia 'Earlybird'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]







EARLYBIRD (Saunders, 1951) - Single - Red - VE - Hybrid. Sold as a strain. Among the first peonies to bloom. Handsome little plants with finely-cut foliage and an abundance of bright crimson flowers. Woodwardii x tenuifolia. List in Bulletin 129.

Tenuifolia x Woodwardi

Earlybird (1939) VE. A strain. Among the first peonies to bloom. Nice little plants with finely-cut foliage and bright crimson flowers.

EARLY BIRD A single red flowered hybrid with finely cut foliage flowering at Labour Weekend, This is a fascinating plant lo watch as it appears in the early spring. The deep red of the foliage changes as it matures, and the foliage itself is finely cut - not unlike that of a carrot. This could easily be grown as a foliage plant alone, but then comes the finishing touch of nodding single red flowers. Red single, Early, 50cm

EARLY BIRD Red single, Early, No staking. 50cm. Single red hybrid with interesting finely cut lacy foliage flowering at Labour Weekend.

EARLYBIRD: A hybrid of the fern leaf peony and the charming Chinese species P. veitchii. Foliage finely divided, the flowers are very dark scarlet red single. 20" stems. Very early.

(Songsparrow): Flower type: Peony—Single

Size: 21"

Bloom time: Early, Hybrid

Hybridizer: A.P. Saunders

Handsome, bright crimson single with finely cut olive foliage. Abundant flowrs on small plants and one of the first to bloom.

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