Paeonia 'Enchanteresse'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]

ENCHANTERESSE (Lemoine, 1903) - Double - White - Very Late. Tall. Fragrance, faint. Very large. White, with lemon tints in collar and crimson wire edges to a few center petals, outside petals tinged with green. Floriferous; strong stems. Good foliage. Technically double type, but globular. Color delicate and translucent. Blooms so late that it frequently fails to open well; a show flower. M.

Rivière (1995):

'Enchanteresse' /Lemoine/1923

Brina Porter (2004):

'Enchanteresse' (Lemoire 1923) : fl. globuleuse, blanc teinté jaune, ligules rouges, parfumée, tardive

M.S. Uspenskaja 2003, p. 72:

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