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UNCLE TOM (Auten, 1951) - Semi-Double - Red - Late. Tall. Very high built black-red. Needs cool weather to be at its best; very striking and fine. We think it is a nice red. Wild catalog, 1955.

USONA (Hollis, 1907) - Double - Pink - DISCARDED - Midseason.

VALAINT (Origin unknown) - Double - Pink. Probably misspelling of some other name. Midseason.

VALENCIA (Auten, 1946) Name changed to STYLE SHOW. Single - Orange Red - Hybrid. List in Bulletin 129. Auten's 1955 catalog.

VALENCIA (Lins, 1941) - Double - Red - Late Midseason. Very full red with no stamens showing. Valencia is a brilliant double high crowned pure red but is not a bomb. Fine medium plants with stiff stems which hold the flowers erect. Peony experts give Valencia their approval. List in Bulletins 91. Lins ad in Bulletin 117.

VALIANT (Auten, 1955) - Jap. - Red - Very Early - Hybrid. Tall. A large orange red Jap with typical yellow markings in the center. Auten's 1955 catalog.

VALOR (Kelsey, 1939) - Double - Red - Midseason. Very fine red double. Good stems and foliage List in Bulletin 109.

VALOR (Saunders, 1939) - Semi-Double - Clear Pink - Hybrid. Tall. Albiflora x Otto Froebel. Lists in Bulletins 91 and 129.

VANDALIA (Auten, 1939) - Double - White - Late Midseason. Rose fragrant. Full double, white. Some narrow filamental petals among wider center petals. Stiff stems. Bulletin 80.

VAN DYCK (Crousse, 1879) - Double - Pink - DISCARDED - Midseason.

VANITY (Brand, 1951) - Jap. - Pink - Midseason. A distinctive pink Jap. The last Brand variety to be introduced. List in Bulletin 130.

VARIEGATA (Terry) - Double - Pink - Midseason.

VAUGHAN TORREY (V. Bonn) - Double - Pink. Very similar to Solange only with a pinkish tint. Wassenburg 1954 catalog.

VAUGHN deLEATH  (Lanigan, 1945) - Double - Pink - Midseason. Tall. Not notably fragrant. Very large. Dark rose pink with a few red petals near the center. Rose pink petalage becomes lighter in color with age. Floriferous. Strong stems and good foliage. "Vaughn DeLeath (1896-1943) was a native of Mount Pulaski, a small city a few miles south of Lincoln, 111. Miss DeLeath is said to have been the first women to sing over the radio." Bulletin 99.

VELOUTINE (Dessert, 1908) - Single - Tyrian Rose - DISCARDED - Midseason.

VENISE (Dessert, 1913) - Single - Pink - Midseason.

VENUS (Barr) - Single - Pink -Midseason.

VENUS (Kelway, 1888) - Double - Pink - Midseason. Tall. Pleasing fragrance. Large. Large, cupped guards and conical center with an incurved narrow collar of notched petals pale old-rose pink with a decided lavender tone, especially in the center. Free-blooming, with good stems and broad, light foliage. A very distinct variety. Good for both garden decoration and cutting.  "Very tall. I should call the color light rose-pink. The flower is distinguished by its very high form." - Saunders. "Ideal' cut-flower. Strong Grower." - Boyd. M.

VERA (Gumm, 1923) - Single - Red - Early Midseason. Medium tall. Fair fragrance. Large. Undulated and cupped guards of very dark maroon-crimson with a silky sheen; small compact center of clear golden stamens, with yellowish carpels tipped bright red. Erect.M

VERA TERRY (Terry) - Double - White, Lilac trim - Midseason.

VERA WASSENBERG (Wassenberg, 1947) - Jap. - Pink - Midseason. Parents ISANI GIDUI x TAMATE-BOKU. Large flowers of artistic habit. Guard petals medium pink resembling in color its parent Tamate Boku. The central cushion of large pink petaloids (Staminodes) edged gold is most unusual, striking novel and effective, making a flower that is different and outstanding. It has never been offered for sale. Bulletin 107.

VERDUN (Doriat, 1927) (Dessert-Doriat, 1927) - Single - Red - Midseason. Medium height. Fine dark red with some purple. Good strong stems. Large flower of good form. One of the best singles. M. Wild 1954 catalog.

VERIBEST (Hollis, 1907) - Double - White, splashed crimson - Midseason.

VERITAS (Auten, 1939) - Double - Red - Early - Hybrid. Unusual type of bloom, narrow pointed petals with yellow stamens fastened to the edges of some, and some stamens forming a collar. A very brilliant dark red, glistening and enduring, like varnished mahogany. Officinalis x albiflora. Bulletin 80 and List in 129.

VERITY (Saunders, 1935) - Single - Blush - Hybrid. Very tall. Light flesh pink. Albiflora x Otto Froebel. List in Bulletins 91 and 129.

VESPER (Kelsey, 1935) - Double - Pink. Anemone type. Pink guards. Ivory Staminodes tinted pink. A striking combination. Large and showy. Very attractive in the garden. List in Bulletin 109.

VESTA (Kelway, before 1897) - Single - Purplish Red - DISCARDED - Midseason.

VESTA CLAUSSEN (Claussen, 1936) - Double - Pink. 36 to 40" stems. Color light pink to deep rose. Strong heavy stems. Bloom large and extremely double. Resembles Sarah Bernhardt but is much larger and has red marks on the order of Festiva Maxima. Bulletin 65.

VESTICIUS (Origin unknown) - Single - No date. A very doubtful variety. Midseason.

VESUVE (Dessert, 1905) - Single - Red - Midseason.

VESUVE (Sass, 1934) Name changed to TANAGER. Bulletin 57 and 58.

VICOMTE de FORCEVILLE  (Calot, 1864) - Double - Rose - DISCARDED - Midseason.

VICTOIRE de la MARNE (Dessert, 1915) - Double - Purplish Red - Midseason. Medium height. Decidedly unpleasant odor. Very large. Purplish red, with lighter edges; floriferous; good stems and foliage. A very striking, loosely formed flower of intense but not especially decorative in the garden. "A vile color but wonderful size." --Saunders. To me the color of this flower is decidedly sour."--Fewkes. M.