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SEIOBA (Origin unknown) Jap. - Carmine, shaded purple. "Another Jap that is quite worth while is Seioba, a fine light pink." George W. Peyton. M. Bulletin 51, page 30.

SEIRU SOMAE (Origin unknown) - Jap. - White - Midseason. Rather tall. Bitter fragrance. Large. Heavy, smooth guard petals of pure creamy white; center composed of long, narrow petal-oids tipped with long curly points and rough yellow edges, the whole center resembling a crumpled mass of bright, fresh excelsior; carpels pale green with white base and creamy tips. Slender growth, free-flowering, stems lax and require support. M.

SENECA CHIEF (Kelsey, 1942) - Single - Red - Early. Medium height. Wine colored with yellow center. Edges of petals crimped and cupped a lighter shade of wine. Heavy, dark green foliage. The crimping and cupping of the petals produce a striking effect. List in Bulletin 109.

SENORITA (Auten, 1931) - Jap. - Red - Midseason - DISCARDED. Bulletin 4-7 - List in 91.

SENSATION (Sass, 1937) - Double - Pink - Late. Large flower of perfect form. Light pink in color. Wonderful grower, fine stems. Outstanding. Bulletin 69.

SENTINEL (Auten, 1931) - Jap. - Red - Late. Tall. All red medium-sized bloom on stiff stems well above the foliage. Shows some purple at the end, but not objectionable. Bulletin 47.

SERAPH (Terry) - Single - Purplish Rose - Midseason.

SERAPHIM (Saunders, 1929) - Single - White - Very Early - Hybrid. Medium size white. Abundant bloomer. (Bulletin 91) A strain. Shining white single, only less lovely than Chalice, and very floriferous. (Bulletin 129) Albiflora x macrophylla. List in Bulletins 91 and 129. Saunders 1955 catalog.

SERENADE (Saunders, 1941) - Single - Blush - Early - Hybrid. Tall. Palest flesh, with magnificent spray of golden stamens. Albiflora x macrophylla - second generation. Lists in Bulletins 91 and 129. Saunders 1955 catalog.

SERENE (Franklin, 1921) - Double - Pink - Late. Dwarf moderately fragrant. Large. Guard petals rose-pink outside, lighter inside; center rounded, pale cream-white with a faint rose flush in the center, and fine crimson edges on a few petals; fairly floriferous; straight, stiff stems. Broad, curved, glossy foliage. Fluffy flowers of globular outline and much like Jeanne d'Arc in color, although center is generally lighter. M.

SETTING SUN (Pfeiffer, 1932) - Single - Red. Very brilliant crimson. List in Bulletin 91.

S. F. WOOD (Wood, 1948) - Double - White. White with delicate tints of pink. Bulletin 117, page 9.

SHABONA (Harrison, 1890) - Double - Red - DISCARDED - Midseason.

SHANNON (Brown, 1952) - Double - Medium Dark Pink - Late. Rose type. Occasional stamens show as the flower ages. Large flowers, carried well above the foliage on strong stems. Brown's Peony Gardens - 1955.

SHATTUCK (Brand, 1932) - Double - Red - Midseason. Very bright red carrying a hint of scarlet. Close to scarlet. Lists in Bulletins 91 and 130.

SHAVANO (Andrews, 1925) - Jap. - Pink - Late Midseason. Clear rose pink guards, staminodes edged yellow. Often makes a very fine flower. M. List in Bulletin 91.

SHAWNEE CHIEF (Bigger, 1940) - Double - Red - Midseason. Dark red, with fine foliage that holds its color until late in the fall. Very good grower with stiff stems and well proportioned flowers that hold well in cold storage. Color better than Felix Crousse but not quite as good as Philippe Rivoire, but a better grower than either. It was originally carried under No. 7-32. Bulletin 78.

SHAYLOR'S DREAM (Shaylor, 1918) - Double - White - Midseason. Medium tall. Excellent fragrance. Very large. A fine, smooth, tulip-like form in early stages palest flesh-pink, becoming white in the center, excellent fragrance. Vigorous growth;, free-blooming. Good foliage. A fairly full flower with a crinked hollow center, illumined with the glow from many stamens. Remarkable for its size and elegant form of the outer petals. "Think this variety badly overrated." Fewkes. M.

SHAYLOR'S SUNBURST (Allison, 1931) - Japanese - White - Late Midseason. Tall. Strong pond-lily fragrance. Very broad rounded, smooth guard petals of pure white. Center a rounded mass of golden yellow. Strong grower, and good reproducer. Originally known as 101. Bulletin 47.

SHELL PINK (Saunders, 1939) - Single - Pink - Very Early - Hybrid. Single flowers of palest sea-shell pink, with faint cast of yellowish green. Albiflora x macrophylla. Lists in Bulletins 91 and 129. Saunders catalog 1955.

SHENANDOAH (Brand) - Double - Red. List in Bulletin 130.

SHERBROOK RECORD (Norton, 1924) - Jap. -Pink - Midseason. Honorable Mention. Fine deep pink. List in Bulletin 91.

SHINSO-JIBIKI (Millet) - Single - White - Midseason.

SHI-PEN-KUE (Millet) - Single - Red - Midseason.

SHIRAGINU (Origin unknown) - Jap. - White - Midseason.

SHIRINE (Brethour, 1936) - Double - Blush - Late Midseason. Medium tall. A refined flower of delicate pink coloring, which in time fades to almost white. Strong stems. Shows great possibilities. Bulletin 65.

SHIRLEY (Kelsey, 1934) - Double - Flesh-White - Midseason. Tall. Very large. Flesh-white, splashed in center with carmine. Ring of yellow stamens showing. Strong stems. List in Bulletin 109.

SHIRLEY ANN (Winchell, 1941) - Double - Red - Late Midseason. Fine flower, good color that lasts until the flower dies, stems strong, good bloomer. No. 12A. Bulletin 83.

SHIRLEY J. (Franklin, 1946) - Double - Pink - Late Midseason. Seedling No. P 127. A beautiful pink double of show flower class. It was selected by R. W. Jones of St. Paul, ribbon winner of local and national shows and was named for his charming daughter, Shirley. Bulletin 107.