(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 37







EVE OF RADIANCE (William Gratwick), registered by Lee Gratwick, Pavilion, NY, June 28, 1996. Seedling # Chugai seedling. Parentage unknown. First bloomed 1960. This Moutan is a semi-double pink tree peony. It has stamens, pollen and seeds, most reliable, good substance. Grows to 4-5 feet, fragrant, good stem strength, vigorous, green foliage. The glow of this flower is as some inner light radiates from the center to luminate each petal. Photo on file.

(NAME CHANGE, formerly Mistress of the Monastery, Bulletin #255.)

EZRA POUND (William Gratwick, Nov. 19, 1986. Parentage: Moutan tree peony x unknown. Color similar to Guardian of the Monastery, only lighter pink and purple hues. Very floriferous, good strong grower, 5 ft. height, waxy deep green foliage. Blooms with other Moutans. Bulletin #261.

FUCHSIA RUFFLES (Bill Seidl), Manitowoc, Wisconsin, July 9, 1996. Seedling #SH-173. Parentage Anna Marie x Shintenchi. Hybrid tree peony, first bloomed 1993. Ruffled petals are fuchsia or vivid reddish purple, as is the sheath, darkening to burgundy flares and filaments; carpel tips are deep pink. Sparce vestigal stamens are naked, i.e. without pollen. No seeds as yet - 6-7" diameter flowers are double, 30-plus petals and carried well. Reliable, one to three buds per stem, 34 inches in height, 40 inches wide, blooms midseason. Vigorous, had enormous root system when transplanted from nursery bed in 1993. 75% moutan blood bestows greater hardiness than most other hybrid tree peonies. Fragrant.

GRAHAM ROSS (D. and J. McFarlane), No 9 R.D., Waimate, New Zealand, May 27, 1996. Seedling #McF30. Parentage Seidl seed (SH11X SH33). Tree peony, first bloomed 1993. This strong tree peony, with cream flushed rose flowers has good substance, with stamens, pollen and seeds. It had 2 flowers in 1993, 5 blooms in 1995, and 8 in 1996. Late season bloom, 84cm in height, may grow taller, with firm mid-green foliage, brown tints. Photo on file.

GRAND TETON (H. Entsminger, Cut Bank, Montana), 1996. Parentage, Joseph Rock x Guardian of the Monastery. Hybrid tree, single white with pinkish tint at first, becoming white with large purple flares on each petal. Large cupped flowers, no fragrance. Pollen and pod fertile. First bloomed 1993. One bloom per stem, with flower held erect on strong stems, well above the foliage. Small leaf (RHS 127B) with small hairs on the underleaf. Cold hardy.

HARRY KING (Zlatana Jennie Draskovich), Gary, Indiana 46408, June 26, 1996. Seedling #Z1523. Parentage Colchicine treated Gauguin x Colchicine treated Hephestos. First year bloomed 1993. This shrimp- colored single tree peony blooms have notched petals and deeper peach center flares. Good substance, stamen, pollen and seeds. 20-30 inches in height, vigorous, medium green foliage, blooms midseason to late. Named in honor of and with permission of retired rocket scientist, Harry Alden King. His book, 'The Pure Golden Light of Love' has persuaded me to strive to develop the elusive colors of peonies, even blues. With God's love, anything is possible. Photo on file. Bulletin #299.