(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 34








AUTUMN HARVEST (Bill Seidl, Manitowoc, Wisconsin), April 13, 1989. Seedling #SH-42 (also has been labeled AL-42). Double shrub hybrid. Parentage Golden Era x Alice Harding. First bloomed 1987. Straw- yellow flowers, inherit doubleness of Alice Harding and light red flecking and edging of Golden Era. Strong, vigorous, upright stems. Fertile pollen. Height 2U2-3 ft. Clumped quickly as a seedling bearing six flowers in first bloom year as a 5-yr-old. Name and initials reflect flower color and pollen parent (same initials).

BARON THYSSEN BORNEMISZA (Sir Peter Smithers, Switzerland), Sept. 11, 1992. Seedling #30353, tree peony, mauve, semi-double. Parentage, P. suffruticosa Rock's Variety (U.K. form), pollinated by Kamada Fuji, first year bloomed 1987. A very large mauve semi-double with flares, 10" in diameter. Blooms late April, vigorous, floriferous, stamens, pollen and seeds, good stem strength. Propagated by Michel Riviere Nursery, France. Bulletin #285.

BETTY JANDURA (Zlatana J. Draskovich), Gary, Indiana, June 13, 1995. Seedling #301. Parentage: Hephestos x Shina Daijin. First bloomed 1992. Tree peony, dark red rose, semi-double to double, 6-7" flower. The petals are ruffled, plant has excellent stem strength. Two feet in height. It has pollen and seeds, fragrant. The plant grows into a large mound- shaped bush. With permission, named in honor of my good friend, Betty Jandura. Photo on file. Bulletin #295.

BLACK EAGLE (H. Entsminger, Cut Bank, Montana), 1996. Parentage, Black Pirate x unnamed red suffruticosa. A single black red tree peony, (RHS 60-0 with large black flares and large petals. Medium leaf size (RHS 138-A) glaborus with light green veining. Mid-season bloom, 8" across with a sweet fragrance. First bloomed 1994. Good stem strength, holds its flowers above the foliage, one bloom per stem.

BLACK FOREST (Bill Seidl), Manitowoc, Wisconsin, July 9, 1996. Seedling #SH-33. Parentage Golden Era x Chinese Dragon. Hybrid tree peony. First bloomed 1987. Flowers are old rose with yellow undertones, reliable, stamens, pollen and seeds, fragrant. This flower has dark flares, filaments, and sheath, greenish carpel tips, semi-double, occasionally very double, not carried well above the foliage, sometimes nodding. Superb foliage, leathery and waxed, dark green with short petioles and leaflet attachment. Dense clump. Named for its foliage, not the flower. Clump measures 30" x 40" wide. Fertile both ways. (A black-red mutation occurred in 1995 which hopefully can be propagated.)

BRASSY LADY (Bill Seidl), Manitowoc, Wisconsin, July 9, 1996. Seedling #SH-127. Parentage Golden Era X (SH-39: Golden Era x Chinese Dragon). Hybrid tree peony, first bloomed 1990, as a four-year-old seedling. Amber tan petals with rose edging and shading, darker flares, purple sheath, cream stigma. Double, 35+ petals. Good substance, reliable, stamen, pollen, seeds and fragrant. Strong stems but flowers barely held above foliage. Clump measures 36" high x 40" wide. Vigorous, attrac- tive bronzy foliage when young. Fertile both ways. Midseason bloom.

BROCADED GOWN (Domoto-Roy G. Klehm), Klehm Nursery. Seedling #K86-05. Clear medium pink semi-double tree peony. Parentage: Moutan seedling raised by Toichi Domoto, first bloomed 1986. Good substance, excellent amount of bloom, with stamens, pollen and seeds. The ruffled flower is fragrant, excellent stem strength, 3 ft. plus or minus, early bloom, excellent foliage, excellent vigor. One bud per stem. Bulletin #295.