(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 33

Tree Peonies







ALICE IN WONDERLAND (David Reath, Vulcan, Michigan), March 1988. Tree peony, first bloomed 1980. Seedling #A-225. Parentage Alice Harding x Golden Era. Nearly full double with thirty petals. Bright yellow with reddish maroon flares. Petals are of heavy substance. 36" in height with strong stems. Good color from Alice Harding and strong stems from Golden Era, wide leaves, deep green foliage. Pod and pollen fertile. Produces excellent seedlings. Strongly recommended for Itoh type hybridizing. Picture in the new American Tree Peony book. Bulletin #266.

AMBROSE CONGREVE (Sir Peter Smithers, Switzerland), Feb. 7, 1994. Seedling #30351, tree peony. Parentage, Paeonia Rockii, open pollinated from a Japanese TP. First bloomed 1986. Blush flushed pink, red flares, single, white capsule. Good substance, pollen, stamen and seeds, no fragrance, no red line on leaf petiole. Very vigorous, foliage similar to P. Rockii. A strong-growing plant with the habit of P. Rockii (P. suffruticosa, Rocks variety), and not subject to the die back disease. Bulletin #290.

ANGA KING (Zlatana Jennie Draskovich), June 26, 1996, Gary, Indiana. Seedling #Z1725, parentage Colchicine treated Kamada Fuji x Colchicine treated Redon. First bloomed 1995. This Acra-violet tree peony bloom fades blush. It has a mild rose fragrance which complements the elegant deep acra blooms. The 4-1/2 to 5 inch blooms have golden stamens. The carpels are green tipped rose. It has good substance, pollen and seeds. Height 20-30 inches, bloom mid-season to late. Purple edges on medium green young foliage. Named in honor of the elegant lady, Anga Burt King, whom I have the pleasure of calling Aunt. Named with her permission. Photo on file. Bulletin #299.

ANNA-JANE (D. and J. McFarlane), No 9 R.D., Waimate, New Zealand, May 27, 1996. Seedling #McF 38. Parentage American Peony Society seed from Seidl, parents unknown. First bloomed 1993. Apricot flushed pink tree peony, reliable, pollen, stamens and seeds. Two buds per stem. The stem strength is very strong. Height 1-1/2 meters. Blooms late in New Zealand. A very healthy plant, which holds its flower well above the foliage. Photo on file.

ANTIGONE BC 2 (Daughter of Aedipus) (Nassos Daphnis, New York), August 24, 1995. Seedling number D-508, parentage D-403 BC X (Moutan) Red Rance 1. First year bloomed 1992. Hybrid, golden yellow single. The color is like pure gold. Petals look so precious and fragile, like something to look at but not to touch. Stamens, good substance, reliable, pollen, no seeds and no fragrance. One bud per stem. Good stem strength, grows 4-5 ft. in height, blooms late May. Light green foliage, good vigor. Amount of bloom varies (10-20). Colored slide. Bulletin #296.

ARGONAUT (Nassos Daphnis), 362 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013, June 25,1996. Seedling #D328. Parentage BC - SP (BC2). First bloomed 1974. Semi-double hybrid tree peony. The flower is pale pink, with stamens, no pollen or seeds. Fragrant, good substance, reliable, one bud per stem with 10-15 blooms. It grows to 3-4 feet with good stem strength, dark green foliage and vigorous. Blooms in late May. This flower suggests of the argonauts strength, power, and willingness to overcome all dangers to go through the Symplegades to Colchis and bring back the Golden Fleece to Thessaly. Photo on file.