(Compiled by Greta M. Kessenich, Registrar, Nomenclature Department) p. 13









GREEN LOTUS (Roy G. Klehm), Klehm Nursery, June, 1995. Seedling #KR47-59. Lactiflora, with green streakings. Good substance, height 28"-29", white to light lime green base with some white and lime green streaking with touches of light to medium pink toward petal ends, white tipped pistils. Good foliage, 4"-41/2" wide flower. Good foliage and slight fragrance, pollen. 0-1 bud per stem. Bulletin #295.

GRETA MAY (Roger Anderson, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin), July 11, 1988. Seedling #1 83-16. Itoh hybrid. Parentage, single white lactiflora seedling x A 198. First bloomed 1986. The color is somewhere between fuchsia and lavender. 24 to 28-inch plant with dark green foliage, lasting until late Fall. Three blooms per stem with 4 to 6-inch flowers. No seed or pollen. Flat form, stamens, reliable and good substance. A vigorous grower with strong stems. Named for our Secretary, Greta May Kessenich. Bulletin #267.

GYLORGYI (Zlatana Jennie Draskovich), Gary, Indiana 46408, June 26, 1996. Seedling #Z3337, parentage Colchicine treated Dayton x colchicine 22337. Cherry red, ball form lactiflora. Stamens and pollen, reliable, fragrant, good stem strength holding 3-1/2 - 6 inch bloom, even after 12 days of rain. Height 40 inches. Named after my lovable Saint Bernard, Gylorgyi. Photo on file. Bulletin #299.

HEAVENLY PINK (Origin unknown). Introduced by Louis Smimow 1974 catalog. Enormous bowl-shaped bright pink, full double hybrid, completely covering the top of the plant. Low grower, 24" foliage down to the ground, late bloom. Registered July 27, 1996.

HIDDEN TREASURE (Bill Seidl, Manitowoc, Wisconsin), April 13, 1989. Seedling #HT-4. This hybrid is sometimes double - sometimes single. Parentage Lactiflora seedling (L2), a white-cream anemone x lutea hybrid Alice Harding. First bloomed 1976. Medium yellow with light red flares, very single to very double (single most years), 20" height, 21/2- 3 ft. wide. Strong stems, flowers often hidden and close to the ground. Stems long for cutting, a poor garden ornamental. The initials of name reflect parentage: Herbaceous x tree. Bulletin #272.

HONEY 'N' CREAM (Roy G. Klehm), June 3,1988. Seedling #107P. Japanese lactiflora. Parentage, line bred Bowl of Cream F3. First bloomed 1974. White with gold center, cream white rounded double row of guard petals frames large center of honey-yellow stamenoides. A large showy bloom, with good substance, reliable, no pollen, fragrant, and it does have seeds. Height 31" with excellent stem strength and lush green foliage. Bulletin #267.

ILLINI POM POM (D. Steve Varner, Monticello, Illinois), Dec. 13, 1991. Seedling #V8406, double lactiflora, first bloomed 1978. This rose pink, double, ball form has good substance, no stamens, most reliable. 34" in height, good stem strength which carried flowers like rose popcorn balls. Dark green foliage, late season for bloom. Bulletin #281.

ILLINOIS PSALM (D. Steve Varner, Monticello, Illinois), July 2, 1996. Seedling #7034. Parentage Hollingsworth #1416 Pehrsons seedling x Sunny Boy. First bloomed 1987. Semi-double hybrid, pastel cream, a combination of flat to ball form, large amount of bloom, four buds per stem, reliable, good substance, stamens, pollen, seeds with slight fragrance. Very good stem strength, 33 inches in height - 7" diameter, blooms early, mid-season, vigorous, healthy big leaves. Grows fast, with big leaves, lightens in color before last life of each bloom.