The American Peony Society

Nomenclature 1976-186 p.33












GUARDIAN OF THE MONASTERY-William Gratwick. Pavilion, N.Y. Blend of cream, pink and lavender.

HAPPY MEMORY - Louis Smirnow, Brookville L.I., New York, 1978. Parentage Hime gozen x Dai kagura. Bright rose, enchanting clear huge flower. Full double, crinkled petals. Bulletin #226.

HELIOS (The Sun God) (D-123) Nassos Daphnis, Oct. 17,1977. First bloomed 1962. Parentage. Generation - BC-1; Golden Hind x F2 (B). Soft yellow raidates as the morning light casts on it. Double, three rows of petals creating several circles in a perfect order. Has pollen and seeds. Reliable. Good stem strength. Fragrant. Bulletin #224.

HEPHESTOS (God of Fire) (D-240) Nasos Daphnis, Oct. 17, 1977. First bloomed 1968. Parentage. Generation - BC-1; Thunderbold x F2 (A). Deep brick red. The purest of all reds, Double. Petals ruffled and pointed. One feels the warmth and fire within each flower. Good stem strength, has pollen, seeds and fragrant. Reliable.

HESTIA (Goddess of the hearth) (D-273) Nassos Daphnis, Oct. 17, 1977. First bloomed 1973. Parentage. Generation - BC-2; BC-1 self pollinated. Rich bright red double, four to five rows of petals, each row evenly arranged forming complete circles- Petals are rather small in comparison with other hybrids. There is a warm feeling in this flower. Good stem strength, fragrant, seeds and pollen. Reliable. Delicate foliage. Bulletin #224.

ICARUS (Son of Daedalus, first man to fly) (D-254) Nassos Daphnis, Oct. 17, 1977. First bloomed 1969. Parentage. Generation - F2; Fl self pollinated. Pure red, single. Two rows of pointed and notched petals. The center petals reach for the sky as the outer petals stretch out like wings. Fragrant, seeds and pollen, delicate foliage, good stem strength. Reliable.

IPHIGENIA (Daughter of Agamemnon) (D-303) Nassos Daphnis, Oct. 17, 1977. First bloomed 1973. Parentage. Generation - BC-3; BC-2 x J-2 (Daioh). Deep red, small maroon flares. Two rows of petals, rounded and well formed. The petals of the inner row come straight up but bend backward, halfway. The outer row completely stretched outward. Strain: ¾ Moutan, ¼ Lutea. Classed single. Good substance and strength of stem good. No pollen or seeds. Fragrant. Foliage small and delicate. Reliable. Bulletin #224.

KRONOS - Nassos Daphnis (D-23) L 1 x J 25 (Ubatama). Dark crimson with a blue overcast. A heavy, double flower which bends slightly when in full bloom. It is dramatic in full sunlight, and a good contrast with other hybrids. Named after the Greek god of time.

LEDA (Queen of Sparta, mother of Castor and Pollux) (D-308), Nassos Daphnis, Oct. 17.1977. First bloomed 1974. Parentage. Generation - BC-3; J-11 (Kokamon) x BC-2. Pink with red streaks going through each petal. Single. Two rows of petals, well formed and rounded. The flower is very big, like any Moutan. Opens fully and exposes its center well. Flares are dark, which gives it a mysterious feeling. Strain: ¾ Moutan, ¼ Lutea. Has pollen and seeds. Fragrant. Good stem strength. Reliable. Good substance. Strong foliage. Bulletin #224.

LORD OF SPRING (tree)-William H. Krekler, May 1978. Hybrid, 29-inch, generous rose single. Bulletin #227.

LOVE'S DESIRE - Louis Smirnow, Brookville L.I., New York, 1978. Seedling of Hatsu hinode. Salmon pink. Exquisite, huge glistening double flower. Free bloomer, frilled petals. Bulletin #226