Paeonia veitchii, suckering form

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] ????


China, purchased 5 years ago from a source in Holland, which had it from Kai Chen nursery in Beijing, China

Burkhardt (2007):

The plant was standing over 5 years on the same place. I was wondering, that suddenly a number of „sister“ plants appeared in the neighborhood and I thought it were seedlings. In September 2007 I started to clean the plant bed because of building works for a car port.

After digging I was surprised to find a large plant with many long suckers. For comparison a „normal“ veitchii's roots are shown below.

the plant in May 2007

„sister plant“

aonther „sister plant“, close to the neighboring Paeonia cambessedesii

entire plant after digging, 8.9.2007


normal veitchii of the same age, growing side by side with the suckering


Jim Waddick:

Fangyun Chen and others have told me that P veitchii is highly desirable as a root stock for grafting because it NEVER produces adventitious shoots and buds.

It seems you have something odd happening. Some sort of somatic mutation that has allowed the production of stolons. This is something you should be able to select for if you wish to produce more plants as stolon or introduce a named variation. ( 'Happy Wanderer')

Here's what I'd do. Separate a few of these stolons and plant them where you can observe if they continue to produce more stolons in different soil types and other variable.

I think this is a plus to develop a 'ground cover' dwarf peony. Imagine the potential. Cross this with your double flowered veitchii and you may have a real winner.

Do keep this separate and observe it some more.

Carsten Burkhardt's Web Project Paeonia - The Peony Database


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