Paeonia 'Itopa Shakuyaki'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [tenuifolia-cultivar]

Japanese name for Paeonia tenuifolia, offered in Holland and the USA as „exquisite Japanese variety'

James Waddick (2003):

Dear Carsten ; I have been corresponding with a Japanese grower about the cv. 'Itoba' or 'Itobah'. This is not registered, but looks like a single fern leaf peony.
It turns out that Itoba (the 'h' just depends on transliteration of Japanese characters the same as "Ito" or "Itoh") is simply Japanese for "thread leaf". Thus Itoba is simply a common name for the species P. tenuifolia just as Fern leaf is a common name. It has no standing at all except as a common name. Thought you'd be interested.Jim W.

James Waddick on yahoo!peony:

Dear all; I have been curious about this cultivar for a while. It is listed as 'Itoba' ( or 'Itobah') but is not registered with APS. It has never been listed as P. tenuifolia. It sure looks like a single red typical for the species, but I suspect it is a hybrid. The foliage can vary in P. tenuifolia, but there are quite a few good tenuifolia hybrids with this fine foliage.

Does anyone know what's being sold here? http://www.dutchbulbs.com/spring/z31240.74450.html

Van Bourgondien:

Fern Leaf Peony 'Itoba'  Widely sought after, this rare and exquisite Japanese variety, with fern like foliage and broad single red flowers, blooms earlier than most peonies. It makes a striking accent in the late spring garden.
2-3 eye plants Zone: 3-8


'Itopa Shakuyaki'

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