Paeonia 'First Dutch Yellow'

of 'Garden Treasure'

Dr. James W. Waddick on yahoo!peony

Dear John and Carsten;

Add this to your synonymy: 'Garden Treasure' = 'First Dutch Yellow' which has been floating around for about a year according to Joshua S. and Don H.

This is the sort of under-handed thing that is -unfortunately- perfectly legal since neither plant is protected by a patent. Registration (and both are registered with the APS the official IRCA) is voluntary and so is abiding by the registered name.

I'll grant that "Bartzella' is not a good commercial name, but changing it and making claims amounts to some kind of thievery. The rationalization for making these changes is totally based on greed and does not advance the peony itself.

I see that the plant is listed as "Golden Dreams" var 'Bartzella' and that "Golden Dreams" is trade marked. Since he is not the originator can he even do that legally? Worse and worse.

Is this why the Dutch market gets bad marks and people grumble?

Sad state. Jim W.-- Dr. James W. Waddick

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