Paeonia 'Auguste Dessert'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]



Peonies, The Manual of the American Peony Society, edited by James Boyd © 1928 American Peony Society: [Descriptive List of Chinese Peonies]

AUGUSTE DESSERT. (Dessert, 1920.) 8.7.

Double type; large; midseason. Big, round petals symmetrically graduated toward a loose center which shows a few stamens; intensely pink, no blue and no yellow—each petal edged with a narrow silvery border; fragrance not notable. Plant of moderate height and seems fairly prolific.

A striking new sort of unusually vivid color and wheel-like form. The characteristics of established plants have yet to be determined.

"I should not call this flower pink at all. It is a very unusual shade of light red, a very solid color but not without some blue in it." Saunders.

"My notes say that real petal color is violet-rose IJ4 (2) but total effect lilac-rose 154 (2) (French color chart). This would bear out Professor Saunders that there is blue in the color. Further 'color rather in splashes on white ground' making total effect pink but real color is much brighter, more of a cherry-red. Fragrance unpleasant. Habit strong; tall stems; single buds only medium in quantity. Fair as a cut bloom but much better in the garden as its bold color makes an accent."—Thurlow.

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AUGUSTE DESSERT (Dessert, 1920) - Double - Pink - Late Midseason. Moderate height. Fragrance not noticeable. Large. Big round petals symmetrically graduated toward a loose center which shows a few stamens intensely pink, no blue, and no yellow - eacy petal edged with a narrow silvery border. Fairly prolific. Midseason.

Auguste Dessert, [Paeonia sinensis Gefülltblühende Sorten:] samtartigdunkelkarmincot mit Seidenglanz, sehr aparte Farbe

Auguste Dessert, [Paeonia sinensis Gefüllt blühende Sorten] samtartigdunkelcarminrot mit Seidenglanz, sehr aparte Farbe

Auguste Dessert (Dessert 1920), bright salmon-rose, edged silver. Distinct colour, pretty buds. Sometimes so. Medium size. ml.

Kortmann (1998)

'Auguste Dessert' (Dessert, Frankrijk, 1920) Bloemen donker rozerood, rand van de tepalen zilverachtig, gevuld, middelvroeg; vruchtbeginsels intensief roze; bladeren klein en smal (door de enigszins gevouwen toestand), dof donkergroen met iets roodbruine ondertoon, stelen roodbruin; hoogte 80 cm; bloemstengels zeer stevig; vertakking zeer goed. Deze Franse cultivar verdient zeker alle aandacht. Door de stevige bouw is het een ideale plant voor de tuin. Helaas is deze pioen iets gevoelig voor Botrytis, maar daar staan veel positieve factoren tegenover.

'Auguste Dessert'(Dessert et Mechin 1920 ) grosse fl. double rose,léger parfum, mi-saison.


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