Paeonia 'Ambrose Congrève'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [rockii-hybrid] – [European Rockii]

AMBROSE CONGREVE (Sir Peter Smithers, Switzerland), Feb. 7, 1994. Seedling #30351, tree peony. Parentage, Paeonia Rockii, open pollinated from a Japanese TP. First bloomed 1986. Blush flushed pink, red flares, single, white capsule. Good substance, pollen, stamen and seeds, no fragrance, no red line on leaf petiole. Very vigorous, foliage similar to P. Rockii. A strong-growing plant with the habit of P. Rockii (P. suffruticosa, Rocks variety), and not subject to the die back disease. Bulletin #290.

Rivière 2000:

AMBROSE CONGREVE (Sir Peter Smithers, 1994). Grande fleur simple d'un rose frais tres clair nuance rouge pourpre vers le centre. Pistil blanc. Obtenue d'un semis de Rock's Variety dont elle garde le feuillage vert franc et bier decoupe. Tres vigoureuse.

The shrub in the Rivière nursery

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