Paeonia 'Zhong Chuan Huang'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [rockii-hybrid] - [Gansu mudan]

Zhong Chuan Huang

To be called ”Zhong Chuan Huang” in Chinese, with characteristics of milk yellow bloom, resembling the sweet-scented osmanthus, 17cm×10 cm corolla and peachy buds. Two annulus of milk yellow and slightly crapy outer petals enjoying with three deep clefts at the central part of the petals top, with dark and purple, narrow and long base speckles(3 cm×1 cm ). The inner petals are twisted and having deeper color than outer petals do, the inner petals have anther on their tops with magenta and striped base speckles. The most stamens are petalody with a small quantity of them in bloom heart with yellow anthers and white filaments. The 6-7 pistils have milk yellow stigmas, milk white and half wrapped floral disc. The plant grows erectly and vigorously with bloom patulous upwards, large quantity of blooms, great many sprouts, aromatic flavor, few tomentas, and concave and red leafstalks. It has medium and later blooming date and to be new variety from Lanzhou Zhong chuan Peony and Chinese Peony Garden.

Zhong Chuan Huang. (White Central Plains). China. Gansu-mudan. Full double ball shaped form with dark maroon flares. Greenish cream stigmas. Many wavy petals with multiple notches on their edges. Strong stems hold up the large flowers easily. No stamens. Long leaves with many small dark green leaflets. Very good and easy to grow. Plants attain large width and height (7' width x 5.5' height) after 10 years and are very floriferous. Seed fertility with effort. Gansu-mudan are Chinese rockii lineage hybrids. Recommended for cold winter climates.

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