Paeonia 'Zhong Chuan Fen'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [rockii-hybrid] - [Gansu mudan]

Zhong Chuan Fen

To be called ”Zhong Chuan Fen” in Chinese, with characteristics of baby pink bloom, resembling the imperial crown, 16cm×7 cm corolla and peachy buds. Two annuluses of outer petals with two shallow dentiform clefts; The black and purple base speckles have pompadour and radiated fine stripes around them which darkens the color of the petals, and with one rose color stripe going through the top of the petals in the same time. The quantity of the stamens are few, most of them distribute in middle section of the petals with yellow anthers and pompadour filaments. The five full-grown and green pistils have milk yellow stigmas and milk whits floral disc. The 15 lobules have the characteristics of stiff in quality, many tomentas and concave and pompadour leafstalks. The growing situation of it is vigorous with erective shape and many sprouts. It has later blooming date.

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