Paeonia 'Zhemchuzhnaya Rossyp'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]



source: Pfingstrosensorte aus der Ukraine Peony-cultivar from the Ukraine: http://greenart.narod.ru/pion/thumb/t_Zhemchuzhnaya_rossyp_1.jpg

2) Website aus der Ukraine mit Paeonien-Artikel (engl. Übersetzung hier) http://www.podrobnosti.ua/culture/2002/05/31/26704.html ukrainian website with peony-article (translation by Marina Kasimova here)

28.12.2004   Dear Mr. Burkhardt,

my name is Svetlana Poperechnaya. I am from Moscow. Excuise me for my English, becouse I studied it at scool many many years ago. First of all, thank you for your site! It is very helpfull for me. I visit your site often, sometimes evry day.

     I like the peonies very mutch, but best of all - singles, semidoubles and japanes. There is not great collection of that at my summer-cottage (about 80 kindes). I send you the discribtion and foto one of that.  I made  foto this summer at my garden. You can placed its in your site

Zhemczuzhnaya Rossyp L. (Gorobetz-Tiran, 1989, Soviet Union). Japanese, guard petals soft pink, staminodies - combination of yellow-creme and deep pink, midseason, hight 70-80 cm, diam. 15-16 cm, rose-like fragrance, longblooming.

 It is one of my favorite cultivars - airy, light and gracefull. By the way, its name translated approximately "Pearl-placer" or "Pearl-fields". 

Marry Cristmas and Happy New Year!   Best regards,   Svetlana Poperechnaya.

Svetlana Poperechnaya 2006:

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