Paeonia 'Da zong zi'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [China central plains cultivar group]


Classic variety.

chinese name:

name in Luoyang*:

Da zong zi


name in Heze*:

Zhong sheng hong


* cross-references for the Luoyang/Heze names are from the english text insert of the booklet 'Zhongguomudan' Chinese tree peonies © Will McLewin 1996 Prepared by Phedar Nursery (England) Tel. 0 161 430 3 772 Chinese language consultant Caroline Mason 0191 384 4533

Da Zong Zi. Rose form. Flowers 17cm x 7cm, purplish red (61-B); petals multi-whorled, entire, arranged regularly, suffused with dark purple at the base; Stamens occasionally petaloid; pistils 9- 11, infertile. Stalks long, straight, flowers upright. Flowering midseason. Plant medium height, erect. Branches stout. Leaves orbicular, medium-sized, fairly thick; leaflets long ovate, obtuse at the apex, the margins slightly curved upwards, terminal leaflets in central leaflets completely tri-sected. Growth vigorous, flowers many. Classic variety.

Da Zong Zi (Chinese Mudan cultivated in Japan) Botan colour. A short stem holds the semi-double flower upright. Medium size. Early.


Grande violetta

english transl.:

Great palm-tree purple, Big Brown Purple, Huge Red-brown Petals, Great Violet


Große Violette

Osti (1997)

17. DA ZONG ZI, «Grande violetta». Fiore semidoppio a forma di rosa, violetto- porpora, portamento eretto di buon vigore. Delicatamente profumato con grandi foglie pinnate suddivise in 11 foglioline. Resistente a freddo e vento.

Unopiú (1997)

Da Zhong Zi ; Große Violette ; Doppelblume, purpur, mittlere Blütezeit

Osti (1999)

17. DA ZONG ZI "Great Violet" Flowers: reddish purple; semi-double, rose form, delicately scented. Leaves: large, pinnate, subdivided into 11 leaflets. Habit: erect, vigorous. Resistant to cold and wind.

'Golden Port International':

Deep magenta, rose shaped flowers, dark maroon at base, petals have a smooth and moist appearance, flower size 7" with a dense fragrance; leaves round, dark green; plant height to 5 feet; the plant stands balanced and stately; a vigorous grower, a free bloomer.

NTSC (suffr.)

Da Zong Zi

xinxin: (suffr.):

Da Zong Zi      One of popular traditional varieties, rose form, purplish red, flowers 17cm x 7cm, flower facing upwards, big and round elegant petals well arranged, stalks long and straight, flowers freely in midseason, erect plants with stout branches, growth vigorous,5-6ft. in mature

peonyworld/ (suffr.)

Da Zong Zi // Huge Red-brown Petals Purplish red, suffused with dark purple at the base of petals. Rose form. Flowers size '' 17cm x 7cm ''; upright; dense fragrance. Plant medium height, erect. Branches stout. Growth vigorous; flowers many. Blossoming midseason. Classic variety.


Rose-shaped, half spreading, claret upright-flowers, mid-blooming.

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