Paeonia 'Cherry Ruffles'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]



CHERRY RUFFLES (Don Hollingsworth, Maryville, Missouri), March 20, 1996. Seedling number Hollingsworth 1153. Parentage (Lactiflora double red from Kickapoo - Saunders' unnamed seedling of Officinalis cv x Peregrina). First flowered about 1978. Cherry ruffles, herbaceous hybrid, semi-double cherry scarlet, blooms midseason. It has many ruffled petals around small center of yellow stamens. It has good substance, prolific amount of bloom on a compact bush of medium green leaflets somewhat curled and ruffled. 28" in height with excellent stem strength. It has stamens and pollen, and a mild fragrance. One bud per stem. National Exhibit 1995, received Honorable Mention. Bulletin #298.

This picture is from Joe Shroer. For large resolution pictures of this cultivar look in the 'Gallery' of the Heartland Peony Society's Website www.peonies.org .

Cherry Ruffles (Hollingsworth 1996) EM.M.  Semi-double; many scarlet red, ruffled petals nearly hide the small center of yellow stamens.  Flowers on young plants, size and number of petals increase with maturity.  Medium height, erect, vigorous, prolific increase.  Leaflets ruffled, dark green, may fade during heat of summer, performance unaffected.  Splendid on the show table, a standout in the mixed border.  (194 Red SD Lacti x 95, a Saunders Little Reds Hybrid). 

Entsminger 2007

Scarlet red, semi-double, midseason, 34" tall, hybrid. Striking color on a vigorous plant that is upright. Petal numbers may increase with plant maturity

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