Paeonia 'Yellow Heaven' (Itoh 1964)

type: [intersectional hybrid]

YELLOW HEAVEN  (Mr. Itoh in Japan. Itoh-Smirnow hybrid) First bloomed 1964. Parentage, Alice Harding (tree peony) - Kakoden. Semi-double herbaceous. Yellow with red blotches in center. Ball form, stamen, pollen, seeds, reliable and fragrant. 24-36" height. Mid-season. Has tree peony foliage with herbaceous plant habits. Purchased by me in 1966 for my exclusive use. Now known as Itoh-Smirnow hybrid. Introduced in this country and other countries by Louis Smirnow. Registered by Louis Smirnow January 16, 1974. Bulletin #209 March 1974.

Rivière (2000)

YELLOW HEAVEN (Itoh, 1964) Semi-double ; grande fleur jaune pur intense ; les macules rouges du centre mettent en relief des pétales très découpés Tiges florales rigides. Feuillage vert franc très dru et décoratif rappelant bien ses origines arbustives de Lutéa. Parfumée. Tardive. Hauteur moyenne de 0,85 m.

Burkhardt 2002:

A&D Nursery:

YELLOW HEAVEN (M)(Itoh-Smirnow) A semi-double yellow with red flares deep inside, one of the first cross hybrids by Mr. Itoh of Japan and one of the first to be introduced in the U.S. It is a cross between a tree peony and an herbaceous peony; plant height about 24"; needs a few years to establish before it blooms profusely,

Wilhelm de Wilde 2007

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