Paeonia 'Waucedah Princess'

type: [tree peony] – [lutea hybrid]

Osti (1997)

Osti (1999)

WAUCEDAH PRINCESS (D. REATH, 1988). Fiore stradoppio, rosa pallidissimo, più carico nei petali centrali e con l'unghia macchiata di scuro. Sicuramente ha del sangue di P. rockii.

WAUCEDAH PRINCESS A Paeonia rockii hybrid raised by D. Reath in 1988. Flowers: very pale pink, darker in the central petals, dark blotch at the base; fully double.

Waucedah Princess. Reath. 1988. Very double light lavender, mound type plant. Heavy flowers face outward and sometimes downward. Plants do not become tall. Foliage is finely cut. A profuse bloomer that will often have a couple of side buds per stem. Stem loss to winter cold is common, but plants quickly regrow from ground shoots to bloom the same year. Fertile both ways-seed is more challenging. F1 lutea hybrid.

Parentage unknown.

WAUCEDAH PRINCESS (David Reath, Vulcan, Michigan), March, 1988. Lutea hybrid tree peony. Seedling #M-222-D. First bloomed 1985. Parentage Lutea #14 x Shintenchi. Lavender pink, semi-double, ruffled petals with deeper lavender-red flares. A mound type plant, very floriferous with bloom of 40 or more petals. Slender but strong stems. On F1 hybrid, therefore not especially fertile. Picture in the new American Tree Peony book. Bulletin #266.

Elizabeth Babb on webshots 2005:

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