Paeonia 'Sir Peter Smithers'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [rockii-hybrid] – [European Rockii]

SIR PETER SMITHERS (Michel Riviere, Riviere Nursery, France), Nov. 17,1998. Seedling #849302, first bloomed 1993, hybrid, suffruticosa, one-half double. Parentage: Rocks Variety. Pink mixed purple up to white with purple black spot. The plant has a great number of large buds, opens to enormous flowers 30cm in size. The color is dark purple pink up to pale pink with later white at sides. A purple black spot in the center and numerous purple pink spots in the petals. The flower stands well above the foliage on very strong stems, average height, blooms early, vigorous. Has stamens, pollen and seeds, reliable. The foliage is flat green with purple eyes.

Carsten Burkhardt's Web Project Paeonia - The Peony Database


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