Paeonia 'Prairie Charm'

type: [intersectional hybrid]



PRAIRIE CHARM (Don Hollingsworth, Kansas City), Jan. 17,1992. Seedling number Hollingsworth 816, herbaceous, woody (tree peony) Itoh Hybrid, parentage Miss America x Lutea Hybrid Alice Harding - first bloomed before 1980. This Itoh Hybrid is semi-double, light yellow with prominent red-purple flares, stigmas, sheath and filaments creamy white, carpels green, anthers yellow with small amount of pollen. Medium size flower with 20-30 petals. Sometimes irregularly toothed at petal ends. 26-30 inches in height with excellent stem strength. Bulletin #281.

Prairie Charm (Hollingsworth 1992) M-ML-L.  Semi-double; clear yellow and at the base of each petal is a large, dark red-purple flare.  All this encircles a prominent center of creamy white and green.  Medium-large flower averages 20-30 petals, overall similar to a Lutea Hybrid tree peony, but deciduous stems.  Dependable performer.  Light green leaflets; stout stems, to 32 inches tall, forming a substantial bush. 

Prairie Charm (Hollingsworth, 1992) Light yellow, semi-double, midseason, 30" tall, intersectional. A yellow flower with a red flares at each petal base. Forms a substantial upright bush with nicely notched light green leaves.


Flower type: Tree Peony—Single to Semi-double

Plant zone(s): 4-8

Bloom time: Mid

Hybridizer: Don Hollingsworth

Blossoms of various shades of yellow with a hint of yellow-green. Inner base circle has dark red flares. Vigorous grower with abundant blossoming potential. Grows to about 32" tall by 36" wide.

Another baby of the breeder Don Hollingsworth, also creator of the well-known Garden Treasure. Prairie Charm bears yellow semi-doubles flowers. Flowers are of a medium size. Each petal has a reddish flare at the base contrasting nicely with the yellow of the rest of the petal. Very often, the margin of each petal is dentelée giving a special effect to the flower. Mature plant height 90 cm. Flowers are fragrant. Excellent peony for the garden, very reliable.

Bel hybride intersectionnel de Don Hollingsworth, père de la très connue Garden Treasure. Cette pivoine porte des fleurs semi-doubles jaunes de dimension moyenne.La base de chaque pétale est teintée d’une macule rougeâtre formant un joli contraste avec le jaune. De plus, la marge extérieure des pétales est quelquefois dentelée ce qui, dans l’ensemble, donne une allure très spéciale à la fleur. Un plant mature mesure environ 90cm. Fleurs parfumées. Excellente pivoine jaune qui fleurira d’année en année dans votre jardin.

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