Paeonia 'Morning Lilac'

type: [intersectional hybrid]


Roger F. Anderson, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, USA

MORNING LILAC (Anderson) Roger F. Anderson, Fort Atkinson, WI,Jan.19,1999. Fuchsia color, single to semi-double - herbaceous x tree hybrid. Pollen parent. Golden Era. Seed parent. Martha W. seedling. First bloomed 1990, divided 1993 - height 26-28". Fuchsia in color with dark purple and white streaked-running petals. Has good plant habit and dark green foliage. A very popular seller, and is also on my six favorite list. No fertility noted.

Morning Lilac Medium size bloom on strong plant. Excellent foliage. Blooms a lavender pink color with white and deep fuchsia striping, dark center and red tipped carpels. Very floriferous

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Sicherlich eine absonderliche Farbe, aber so schrill und absonderlich, dazu noch die recht knittrige Substanz der Petalen - keine Schönheit, brauch ich nicht für mich!

Morning Lilac (Anderson, 1999) Fuschia purple, single to semi-double, 28" tall, intersectional. An unusual color on a large-petaled flower. It can be seen from across the field. Good plant habit and dark foliage.

Lavender with white and purple accents; intersectional

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