Paeonia 'Harmony'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [rockii-hybrid]



Don Hackenberry" on <peony@yahoogroups.com> Sept. 2004

Dear All, One of the plants Galen Burrell sent was a seedling of P rockii x 'Harmony'. Did a Google and book search; it also isn't mentioned in his APS Bulletin article. What can you tell me about the cultivar 'Harmony'? Best, Don

Paige Woodward on <peony@yahoogroups.com> Sept. 2004

Don, what do you mean, "sent"? Sent as a bonus? Lucky you. Galen sent me a photograph of 'Harmony' once. It's a shell-pink rockii hybrid with restrained but telling maroon flares. Paige Woodward

Carsten Burkhardt on <peony@yahoogroups.com> Sept. 2004

'Harmony' a rockii-hybrid? I found in the registration 3 times a Harmony, from Jones (1938), Kelway and Sutherland, latter later renamed to 'Tekapo Dew' and a lutea hybrid, the two former lactifloras.

Rick Rogers on <peony@yahoogroups.com> Sept. 2004

Don, I also have a plant of Galen's Harmony. It has vigor that is very impressive.
This year mine grew 2' of new growth and had a flower stem that sported a huge bloom that resembles a lighter colored P. rockii, with 2 nice sized side buds.
It must have some hybrid behind it. I only have 1 to propagate from, but when it becomes avail. it will sell fast. Sincerely, Rick

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