Paeonia 'Luoyang Hong'

type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [China central plains cultivar group]

chinese name:

name in Luoyang*:

Luo Yang hong


Luoyang Red

name in Hezhe*:

Zi qiao


Rivière (1995):

'Luo Yang Hong' "Luo Yang in Rot" Gefüllt. Gefüllte Blüte, rot mit sichtbarem gelben Herz, Petalen sind sehr regelmäßig um das ebenfalls regelmäßig angeordnete Zentrum aus Staubgefäßen verteilt.

Osti (1997)

LUOYANG HONG, «Rossa di Luoyang». Una delle varietà più note e più apprezzate in Cina, che ha avuto origine nell'antica capitale imperiale, oggi capitale delle peonie. Fiore rosso scuro, doppio e stradoppio. Pianta molto vigorosa e decorativa, resistente alle intemperie. Fioritura media.

Unopiú (1997)

Luo Yang Hong ; Rot von Luo Yang ; halbgefüllte Blume, purpur, späte Blütezeit,

Osti (1999)

LUOYANG HONG 'Luoyang Red" This is one of the best known varieties, and much appreciated in China. It originated in the old imperial capital city; now the peony capital. Flowers: dark red; double and fully double, mid - season flowering. Habit: very vigorous, decorative. Resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Golden Port (2000)

Dazzling purplish red, rose shaped, flower size 6" with a dense fragrance; thin and stiff branches; tiny smooth pointed leaves; plant height to 7 feet; a vigorous grower.

peonyworld/ (suffr.)

Luo Yang Hong // Luoyang Red Purplish red, lustrous, dark purple blotches at the base. Rose form, sometimes chrysanthemum form occurs. Flowers size '' 16cm x 6cm ''; upright; dense fragrance. Plant tall, erect. Branches relatively slender, stiff. Growth vigorous; flowers many. This variety won "Golden Medal" In the No.3 China Flowers Fair. Blossoming midseason. Classic variety.


LUOYANG HONG:Chinese tree peony, on it's own roots, 10" double rose form, lustrous purple-red color, upright habit. 4' Up to 10' in warmer climates.

Rivière (2000):

LUO YANG HONG "Rouge de Loyang" (Double). Fleur rouge à cœur jaune apparent ; disposition très régulière des pétales autour d'un cœur d'étamines également régulier.

Luoyang Peony:


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