Paeonia peregrina 'Otto Froebel'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [peregrina-cultivar]



Maybe the same as Paeonia 'Synshine', but here I treat it separately.

It is also probable, but not definitely established, that Peter Barr of London may have made species crosses on Paeonia officinalis (for he introduced some fine seedlings under the names Ceres, Charmer, Otto Froebel, and Sunbeam) and on Paeonia arietina, from which a superior cultivar was obtained which he named Northern Glory. Our geneticists, cytologists, and morphologists may some day shed light on the parentage of these plants, but whatever records Barr may have kept were lost in a fire in his office long after his death. We know little or nothing of the means by which these hybrids [if they were really hybrids] were produced.

Kortmann (1998)

peregrina 'Otto Fröbel' (Otto Froebel') (syn. 'Sunshine') (Barr, 1898) Bloemen lichtend oranjerood tot zalmkleurig rood (RHS CC 53B, Red Group), klein, enkel; meeldraden geel, talrijk; hoogte 50 cm. Deze sterk op P. peregrina 'Fire King' gelijkende cultivar is door de schitterende bloemkleur niet uit het sortiment weg te denken. De plant is wel iets gevoelig voor Botrytis. De meerderheid van de keuringscommissie vond desondanks een beoordeling met één waardester gerechtvaardigd. Deze pioen is veel gebruikt om te kruisen met cultivars uit de Lactiflora Groep.

Rivière (2000):

LOBATA OTTO FROEBELI (Simple). Colons rouge orangé nettement teinté de saumon. Plante très florifère. Excellente. H. 0,80 m. Précoce.

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