Paeonia 'Kathryn Ann'

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]



KATHRYN ANN (Don Hollingsworth) February 11, 2002. Seedling number 1638, herbaceous hybrid, single parentage, 0007 pink bomb lacti x 0094 Good Cheer. First bloomed before 1983. Rich medium pink accented by the light yellow stamen cluster, cupped form, stamens, pollen, no seeds, little fragrance. Reliable, abundant bloom, one bud per stem excellent substance. Early to mid-season bloom. Excellent stem strength, height 30-32" foliage, medium green, excellent in early summer, fair in heat & drought. Named for a family member.

Kathryn Ann (Hollingsworth, 2002)  EM.  Single; large petals, rich pink, accented by a small center of light yellow stamens, one flower per stem, good substance.  Medium height, erect, stands well, leaflets medium green, vigorous, floriferous, makes a graceful presentation in flower.  Named for family member.   Parentage (0007 Un-named Lacti X Good Cheer), presumed triploid; limited distribution under seedling number 1638. 

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