Paeonia X bergiana

type: [herbaceous peony] – [herbaceous hybrid]

Status: synonym of garden hybrids P. anomala X P. tenuifolia or reverse

eMail from Mr. Petterson (Sweden) September 13th 2001:

„A quite common peony in Sweden is called Herrgardspion (Manor-house peony?). The scientific name has been P x bergiana but it is now known as P x hybrida. It is supposed to be a spontaneous hybrid of P. tenuifolia and P. anomala found in the Bergius botanical garden in Stockholm around 1920. It has been sold from the nursery at the same place and as it is a vigorous grower it is now wide spread in gardens. Many plants are sold as P. tenuifolia but the leaflets are much broader (10-15 mm) and the flowers are bigger. It looks very much like the plant on the picture named P. tenuifolia subsp. biebersteiniana. What do you know about the Herrgardspion? Best regards Johan Pettersson“

The Finnish name of this peony is, according o Vesa Koivu from Finland: kartanopioni,

pictiures from my Sweden-trip 2002:



F2s of X bergiana

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