Paeonia 'Lollipop'

type: [intersectional hybrid]


Roger F. Anderson, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, USA

LOLLIPOP (Anderson) Roger F. Anderson, Fort Atkinson, WI, Jan. 19,1999. Semi-double to double blend - herbaceous x tree hybrid. Pollen parent. D-79. Seed parent. Anderson's seedling. First bloomed 1989. Divided 1992 - height 26-29". Semi-double to double yellow with red candy stripes through flower giving these blooms the appearance of an all-day sucker. Good plant habit and very floriferous as are all the herbaceous x tree peony hybrids.

Lollipop Semi double to double yellow flower with red candy stripes running through the flower giving this bloom the appearance of an all day sucker. Dark green foliage. Spherical plant

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