type: [tree peony] – [suffruticosa group] – [Japanese botan]


Hosoki 1991: in Osaka before 1889

other spelling:

PEONIES, The Manual of the American Peony Society, ed. by James Boyd, Copyright 1928 by American Peony Society: Tree Peony Check-list.

Yokohama Nurseries, Yokohama, Japan. 1893 catalogue as Yokohama Gardens Association, beginning 1894 as Yokohama Nurseries.

Kamada-Fuji. Double (originated in Japan, 1823.) offered by Yokohama Nurseries, Yokohama, Japan. 1823,1898, 1902,1905,1919; Japan Nursery Co.1910; (Presumed to be in commerce, 1927.)

The Chugai Nursery, Yamamoto, Japan, Catalog 1940-1941: Tree peony, Selected Varieties:

(Japanese tree peony - Purple Flowering group) Flower reddens after full bloom. Large size. Stigmas reddish purple with exposed ovaries. Midseason.

'Kamada-fuji' 'Kamata-fuji'(Wisteria at Kamada) (Jap. bef. 1893)

Kotobuki Bussan:

Ariga (1993)

KAMATA-FUJI (Glyzinie von Kamata) Helldunkelviolette Blüte. Große Blüte in tausendfacher Blüte. Hauptblütezeit. Sie hat eine schöne Gestalt und die Kronblätter sind schmal und ordentlich.

Osti (1997)

KAMATA FUJI, «Fiore color glicine ottenuto dal sig. Ramata». Fiore doppio, rosa porpora all'inizio che poi schiarisce quand'è completamente sbocciato. Di grande sviluppo, fiorisce a metà stagione.

Osti (1999)

KAMADAFUJI "Kamada's Wisteria" Flowers: mauvish pink initially, lightening later; double, mid-season flowering. Habit: large.

Large beautiful flowers of lilac mauve, long lasting

KAMATAFUJI (Japan) Large, beautiful frilly double blooms with a most unusual and distinct lilac or light purple coloration; the flowers are very long lasting; blooms early in the tree peony season; up to 45 inches tall,

'KAMADA FUJI' (WISTERIA AT KAMADA) Many rows of petals create a very full flower. Blossoms have a distinctive, flat form that sets off the unusual rich lavender color. Not only is this flower a unique favorite, but it blooms profusely.

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