Paeonia 'First Arrival'

type: [intersectional hybrid]


Roger F. Anderson, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, USA

FIRST ARRIVAL (Roger F. Anderson), Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin, 1986. Semi-double Itoh hybrid, lavender pink. Seedling #A80-01. First bloomed 1984. Parentage: Martha W. x Reath hybrid tree. Lavender pink blooms when first open; as the flower gets older, it fades to a lighter pink. No pollen or seeds. The 24" stems hold the 4-5" flowers on the top of the plant which has dark green foliage, blooming at mid-season. Bulletin #259.

FIRST ARRIVAL (M)(R. Anderson) This fabulous intersectional hybrid, a lovely shade of lavender pink, has a semi-double to double form; carpels are enclosed by a lavender sheath and circled by yellow stamens and red flares at the base of petals; 6 to 8 inches blooms on a mounded bush about 26 to 30 inches in height

Osti (1997)

FIRST ARRIVAL (ROG ANDERSON). Ibrido intersezionale, rosa lavanda, fiore doppio o semidoppio, fiammato più scuro. Fioritura mediana, bei fogliame scuro, leggero profumo.

FIRST ARRIVAL Intersectional hybrid raised by Roger Andcrson. Flowers: lavender pink, darker flares; semi - double or double, slightly scented, mid - season flowering, Leaves: dark, beautiful.

FIRST ARRIVAL, Anderson (USA), 1986, Itoh-hybride (intersectie-hybride), Behorend tot de ideale tuinpioenengroep, de zogenaamde Itoh’s, heeft deze cultivar ook nog eens een zeer aparte kleur, namelijk lavendel. De bloemen zijn halfgevuld en zullen ieder jaar dat ze vast staan dubbelere bloemen laten zien, een typische eigenschap van halfgevulde pioenrozen. De bloemen liggen net boven het donkergroene blad waardoor het een zeer compacte struik wordt. Nog zeer exclusief; een absolute liefhebbersplant.

FIRST ARRIVAL, Anderson (USA), 1986 , Itoh-hybrid (intersectional hybrid), 'First Arrival' can be categorized as an ideal peony for in the garden, being an intersectional hybrid peony. The very large, showy semi-double flowers are of a distinct lavender pink color with darker flares at the base of the petals, the flowers fade to a lighter pink during the maturing process. With every year that this variety matures, the flowers will grow more double - a quite typical characteristic of semi-double peonies. The flowers are situated right on top of the dense foliage, creating a superb and compact bush. 'First Arrival' is a very exclusive variety, and a peony lovers' favourite.

First Arrival Season Mid-season Type Double Color Lavender/Pink Size 28" Details (Anderson, 1986)
Semi-double, intersectional. Pink to lavender semi-double with red flares. A rounded bush with dark green, deeply cut foliage. Abundant flowers.

First Arrival (Anderson, 1986) Lavender-pink, semi-double, midseason, 28" tall, intersectional. Pink to lavender semi-double with red flares. A rounded bush with dark green, deeply cut foliage. Abundantly flowers.

Large semi-double to double flowers of a pink-lavender color at the opening which fades gradually to reach a pale pink coloration. However, the basis of each petal keeps its intensity and its dark lavender color without fading. So, as the flower advances in age, appears a contrast between the dark lavender center and the slightly pale rose petals. A magnificent flower! Lot of flowers at mid-season. Fragrant flowers are carried well above the foliage on firm stems. Height 90 cm.

Larges fleurs semi-doubles à doubles, de couleur rose-lavande à l’ouverture, qui pâlissent avec le temps pour prendre une coloration rose pâle. La base de chaque pétale est maculée d’une couleur lavande foncée, laquelle conserve son intensité et ne fade pas. À mesure que la fleur avance en âge, le contraste s’accentue entre le centre lavande foncé et les pétales légèrement froissés rose pâle. Une fleur magnifique! Floraison abondante en mi-saison, i.e. ici à Chicoutimi, vers le 20 juin. La fleur, parfumée, est portée bien au-dessus du feuillage sur des tiges fermes. Plant de 90 cm de haut.

First Arrival Pink to Lavender blooms of semi-double form. Carpels enclosed by a lavender sheath and circled by yellow stamens and red flares at base of petals. 26"-30" bush of symmetrical, mounded form, foliage to the ground. 6"-8" blooms on established plants

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