type: [herbaceous peony] – [species cultivar] – [lactiflora]



07.06.2008: It seems the case is solved: Here the message today from Leo Miedama:

Dear helpers,

I believe the members of the Peony Database solved my question about the nick named peony. Many thanks in particular Mr. T.H. Venne of Vaste Plantenkwekerij T.H. Venne, Nieuwveen, the Netherlands. In this case help came from “just round the corner”. The grower who bought this Love and Hope plants finds a lot of the discription of ‚Hong Feng‘ back in his field of this lovely cut flower. For over 90 % he is as certain as Mr. Venne he is the owner of a field of ‘Hong Feng’.  Because there is also over 15% different varieties in what he bought he already had Greenworks about the place. The grower confronted the agent with ‘Hong Feng’. Well the reaction was a bit of “not amused” and some stumbling “found somewhere in the USA”.

This case goes as an example to the new formed International Association for Cultivated Plant Taxonomy (IACPT) to see if something can be done against this practices.

Many many thanks peony people. Next time I have a question about a peony registration I know where I can ask for help!

Best regards, Leo Miedema

14.05.2008: A request for help from Holland:

Leo Miedema
Stichting VKC
Sotaweg 25
2371 GA  Roelofarendsveen
Postbus 115
2370 AC  Roelofarendsveen

T. 071 - 305 15 71
F. 071 - 305 15 81 (registratie kamer)

I. www.vkc.nl

VKC is registering horticultural product for the Dutch auctions when is applied for an article code. Most important is to use the correct name. This week we recieved a Paeonia with, I believe, an incorrect name from "Greenworks" under the cultivar name 'Love and Hope'. It is a semi-double reddisch purple hybrid or lactiflora type fading to light purple with nearly white edge at thetop of the petals. VKC can send you pictures.
Last time I had problems with this company because they tried to register "Lady Liberty" where I could trace the correct cultivar name 'Lian Tai' on your site plus most important background information about this Dutch and a French Trade house selling under a nick name.
I think they try it again.
Maybe you already are familiar with this Love and Hope and can help me out.:

Der Duft ist schwach seifig. Durchmesser in voller Blüte 13 - 17 cm

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